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The "Best" Current Body Armor Solution

Image via Grey Group Gear, where you can buy this setup.

Had a few people asking for the 'best' body armor out there today, so here's my take on it. There's probably some ultra-cool voodoo magic thing out there, but this is a pretty wicked setup if you've got the cash to play. I don't.

Velocity System's Ultra Low Vis (ULV) plates are standalone, multi-hit level III rated plates - that measure 1/5 of an inch thin. That's ridiculously thin - you can get over an inch plus very easily with most normal plates, plus backers and a bulky plate carrier, which ends up being like wearing around a life vest.

This allows 'em to be reasonably concealed under light clothing, which is a huge asset to someone trying to maintain a low-profile (like a civilian or, more commonly, a special ops type).

Weight is still not insignificant - you're at 11-ish pounds with front and back plates - but certainly on the low end. The cut is also a heck of a lot more ergonomic, leading to a better fit and longer comfort.

The cost? $1500-ish...a bit less if you shop around, but well over a $1k for sure.


  1. The only issue I have with that carrier is the plastic buckles on the shoulder straps. They will hurt over time, especially in that location. Any bulletproof vest will hurt over as the weight can get crazy, even though you get used to it. But the buckles like that will dig in. I tried a shoulder harness to help with my belt and I couldn't do it because of the buckles on it. I went back to no shoulder harness. Especially if you're going to have a backpack on. Probably wouldn't wear it for very long.

    The first key in a vest, make it as comfortable as you can, otherwise you won't wear it.

    1. The buckles up front are removable - they're used to attach a chest rig like the D3CR. The ones on the back of the shoulder straps aren't really in a load bearing location - I would be surprised if you could feel 'em at all.

  2. I dont know what brand they were or where we got them but back in F.A.S.T. Co. we had some pretty good vest. They were pretty small and form fitting, composite plates in front and back and all around Kevlar for sides. The plates would stop a full .308 point blank, we tested them with one of our M40 sniper rifles with the barrel inches from the plate, barely dented it. Some sort of light composite material, looked like fiber glass but heavier...they may have been custom made by London Bridge Trading Company, now defunct I think, became TSSI from what I hear, they made or procurred most of our customized specialty gear. Norfolk SWAT would come and borrow the vest once in awhile when they anticipated a gun fight or had an especially high risk warrant, they were better then anything the police were using at the time and one of the best I have ever worn and I've worn a lot of different vest. none that were as comfortable or highly rated. Sorry cant remember who made them...may have to do some research.