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The "Best" Current Body Armor Solution

Image via Grey Group Gear, where you can buy this setup.

Had a few people asking for the 'best' body armor out there today, so here's my take on it. There's probably some ultra-cool voodoo magic thing out there, but this is a pretty wicked setup if you've got the cash to play. I don't.

Velocity System's Ultra Low Vis (ULV) plates are standalone, multi-hit level III rated plates - that measure 1/5 of an inch thin. That's ridiculously thin - you can get over an inch plus very easily with most normal plates, plus backers and a bulky plate carrier, which ends up being like wearing around a life vest.

This allows 'em to be reasonably concealed under light clothing, which is a huge asset to someone trying to maintain a low-profile (like a civilian or, more commonly, a special ops type).

Weight is still not insignificant - you're at 11-ish pounds with front and back plates - but certainly on the low end. The cut is also a heck of a lot more ergonomic, leading to a better fit and longer comfort.

The cost? $1500-ish...a bit less if you shop around, but well over a $1k for sure.