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Federal Government Partially Shuts Down

"Our government may be shutting down in a few hours. So, folks, get ready for absolutely no noticeable difference." - Conan O'Brian
I for one would be happy if the Federal Government largely shriveled up and went away and Federal income tax along with it.

The Founders never intended the mega-sized bureaucracy monster that we have today, and they've proven over and over again their general uselessness and inability to come to agreements and compromise. Only a government could be run so poorly.

Anyways, this ain't time to throw on the gas masks and hide in the basement. This isn't the first time the government has "shut down", though it has been 17 years. As Conan joked, the average person won't notice much of a difference. Pretty much all critical functions of the government will continue. Markets will be disappointed. National parks will be closed. 800,000 "non-essential" Federal workers will be furloughed. Not exactly the drama that it has been made out to be.


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Amen !! We could stand a little less government, for sure.

  3. I bet they will still find money to fund spying and censorship, will kill em animals in zoo and sell fur on black market to buy few surveillance trucks.

  4. If they aren't essential, why do we pay them in the first place? 51% of our society is employed directly by a government entity or supported by government dollars. Let's get that somewhere near 20% and then have a chat about fiscal responsibility. My only hope is that the alphabet soup gets furloughed, especially the DHS, the most redundant department on the planet.

  5. If their non-essential then why are we employing them in the first place, lay them off. That should save a dollars.

  6. I have seen headlines saying what is suspended.

    Research at the Highway Safety Board
    Sports at the Military Academies
    IRS Audits

    Oh My!!! What are we gonna do?!?!?!

  7. Now consider how much all those non-essential employees get paid + benefits! Plus the budgets they manage for their non-essential work.

  8. I really enjoy this website, but feel that as a "non-essential" federal employee, I need to address something.

    I have been furloughed since 1 Oct. I, and a very large number of other employees that work for the National Guard full time, are considered Non-essential. Yes, there are Soldiers that are in the National Guard, that are not "traditional" Guardsmen (i.e. one weekend a month). We basically ensure that the National Guard is a functioning, ready, relevant organization capable of deploying both for natural disasters, as well as overseas contingency operations.

    Mechanics keep the equipment running, Readiness NCO's keep Guardsmen paid, supplied and trained in their required schools. I personally supervise a Battalion full time staff (roughly 28 Soldiers for a Field Artillery unit).

    I guess in short, it's a little troubling to me to see that there is a very broad brush used to paint "non-essential" federal employees. I doubt most people would say that we need to de-fund or slash funding for the National Guard, or if they do, it will only be until a natural disaster occurs, at which point the Guard will be criticized for not being there.

    I agree that there probably is a lot of people that work for the federal government that truly are excess, I just hope that this may shed some light on other "non-essential" fathers and mothers that have just had their paychecks stopped.

  9. lets not forget that allmost all govermemt employees are Vets.