> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Moving in...Again.



Moving in...Again.

Or...the reason why this week's chapter of You Took Away Tomorrow was late.

We are in the process of moving, yet again.

I say "process" because I'm still working in one state, and our house and my next role are in another state. At least for the next few weeks, we're in a weird limbo/moving-in state. This weekend, I drove 500 miles, moved all our stuff in, then drove the 500 miles back the next day. Tiring, but not too bad.

That little jaunt didn't leave much time to write the chapter, so you'll have to forgive me for my lateness. I do 100% read the comments and incorporate them into the next chapter, which means I'm writing on a "just in time" methodology, versus churning out a half dozen chapters and then queuing 'em up weeks in advance.

Sheesh, I wish I was that organized.

Anyways, this move is a very good one. It should hopefully be a longer term move...which for us means years, not months. We've moved a whole bunch over the past several years--the longest consecutive time period that we have lived in any one place was somewhere around 18 months. Most have been under a year. So I am HUGELY looking forward to settling down somewhere on a bit more permanent basis. The rest of the family is too.

This is our first home, and it feels really good to not be renting. The 30 years of mortgage payments...well, again, much better than renting and building equity for somebody else.

Our new house is pretty cool. The convenience suburb-ish living and a reasonable commute to the office, but still a bit rural. We've got some breathing room, a patch of forest in the back, little garden plot, good garage, an extra parking space, a shed and some solid storage space. Lots of really great stuff to work with.

Sure, it's got some outdated fixtures...okay, all of the fixtures are outdated...and some wallpaper in serious need of removal. Nothing that a little bit of work can't solve.

I'm pretty pumped about it. Lots of stuff that I've been looking forward to that I can now get to. Workbench in the garage. Shelves for storage. Wood pile and fire pit out back. A deep freezer. Now that we have some more space, building out our food storage a bit more. Nothing too fancy--probably stuff that lots of people take for granted.

I'm chomping at the bit to get started on everything. I'll probably post up some projects and so on as we get 'em done, and I've got a plan for some variety of "building food storage" series, so stay tuned for those.