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Friday Open Post: Gear Disappointment

So, I've been in a holding pattern with gear purchases for the past few months. A variety of reasons behind it, but essentially I haven't bought a whole lot beyond the Camelbak Hawg I reviewed a couple months back (great bag!).

If you've been wondering why we've been lighter on reviews 'round here, well, that's why.

This past month, I gave in and spent some cash. Ordered a few things that I'd been eye-balling...a little bit of impulse, a little bit of "I'm sick of window shopping and just need to pull the trigger."

Of those purchases, I've been let down by the several. I need to put them to honest use and trial before dropping any names, but initial assessment is not so rosy.

I hate when that happens -- often, returns are outta the question, so it's selling it off, finding some other use for it or chalking it up to a loss and educational experience.

I'm sure my string of bad luck is not unique. You've probably had some lousy, incredibly disappointing purchases of your own. I want to hear about 'em! What has been the gear purchase that disappointed you the most? The item that you lusted after but were let down within a minute or two after purchase? Let us know in the comments.