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Costa Leg Panel

The Costa Leg Rig is one of my favorite, most functional pieces of nylon gear. It is how a leg rig should function. The two belt hangers versus one, high ride and single leg strap...unlike most leg rigs, it actually works.

So, I would expect similar functionality from the Costa Leg Panel. It gives you a blank canvas of 6 rows and 3 columns of MOLLE/PALS webbing to do as you will with it. TACOs for a variety of mags, Esstac Kywi pouches for a dedicated AR rig, med pouches, etc. You're limited only by your imagination and what you can fit on the rig/carry comfortably on your leg.

$55 is an awesome price for one of these.Unlike a lot of gear out there, I'm pretty confident it'll actually live up to the hype--the Costa Leg Rig sure has. A very well thought out, well-built platform.