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Last Ditch Kit GoTube in Carbon Fiber

 SnakeDr, longtime buddy of T-Blog and maker of cutting edge E&E kit sent over one of their new carbon fiber go tubes. You can read our original review of the Go Tube here - in short, they are very cool, ultralight and nearly indestructible water proof containers for stashing a compact survival, E&E or backup documents kit.

Edwood, for example, uses one on a regular basis for carrying spare CR123As and another for carrying backups of ID, documents and cash. I've used them for batteries, spare cash, lock picks, fire kits and other lightweight gear.

Making the tube out of carbon fiber just takes the GoTube's lightweight but bombproof quality up another notch.

These are a limited run, but it looks like some may become available shortly. See SnakeDr's LastDitchKit.com for more details.