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Open Thread: The Walking Dead Season Finale

Ladies and gents, the Walking Dead season 3 finale has come and gone. What did you think? Here's your place to discuss the events of the episode--the attack on the prison, Andrea's fate, Carl--speculation on what's in store for next season.

I'll update with some thoughts when I get the chance! Edited: My thoughts after the jump!

Apologies for the delay in getting this up - often times real life, family and real job have to take precedence!

A mixed bag, in my opinion. Some really good stuff--the Andrea/Milton scenes, Governor going totally nutso, mowing down walkers with a .50 cal, the expansion of the group. And some disappointing stuff--namely, the showdown we've been waiting for since the show returned from the mid-season break.

The Attack on the Prison
I was almost certain that Team Rick had actually abandoned the prison--I mean, it is an old, dirty, walker-infested prison that only provides so-so protection. The grenade launcher and .50 cal action was cool. But the actual turn into an ambush was over in flash; the only member of Team Rick who I really saw doing any shooting was Glenn and Maggie, and then it was over. Rick, Daryl and the others emerged from hiding and I wasn't sure what part in the prison's defense they'd even played.

I mean, the Governor's first attack on the prison--with the walker-bomb and Axle getting headshot--was much superior. Obviously, the action isn't the only thing that makes this show good, but when you're waiting for half a season for an eventual showdown, you've got to live up to some expectations. Heck, despite the gun run they went on a couple episodes ago, the group didn't seem to use any of that extra firepower.

The retreat of the Governor's forces was pretty accurate to what would happen. Untrained, poorly motivated average everyday people aren't going to fare very well during an ambush in the spooky bowels of a walker infested prison.

BTW, the Governor had to leave one of their vehicles behind--was that the Deuce with the .50 cal? Hope we'll see more of that.

I haven't been a fan of Andrea for a while now, though her flight from Woodbury did something to redeem her. Milton started to step up the past couple episodes and well, the Governor wasn't going to tolerate any of that.

Pretty excellently diabolical scenario to throw someone into and quite well done. TEOTWAWKI Wife could barely watch.

I was surprised that Andrea actually got bit by zombie Milton, though. I figured she might make it--but I guess it was the season finale and somebody's gotta die. Her parting words--her explanation that she just didn't want anyone to die--were some of the best bits of the episode. That whole not wanting anyone to die didn't work out very well.

And yes, the sound effect guy who added the spent brass casing sound effect from the revolver's gunshot needs to a refresher course. Unless, of course, it was actually Michonne who performed the coup de grace with her pistol (she's carried a semi auto as a backup, I think)...but the signs point to bad sound editing.

Carl has become a survivor, and has come to see life as his group/family versus the rest of the world. Either you're with them or you're a threat, which is exactly how its been for him since the walkers rose. I thought that the shotgun armed Woodbury kid was going to try something--else why wouldn't he drop his gun as ordered, instead of trying to hand it over.

Sure, the Woodbury kid was just a kid, but he was older than Carl, a member of the Woodbury attack squad and, well, could have been every bit as deadly as Carl. You just don't know. He's not following orders, he's part of an attack force, he's armed and moving towards you, while you're trying to protect your baby sister. When you're in Carl's shoes, really, the choice is pretty clear--shoot him.

I also thought for sure that Tyrese was going to bust into the Governor's torture chamber and rescue Andrea. At one point, he said he was going to go check something out--did we ever find out what that was?

Glad he's a part of the crew now--pretty obvious you've chosen the wrong side when your leader machine guns down everyone else.

For those that have heard Tyrese played a prominent role in the comics--he was dead at this point in the comics, so it's an entirely blank slate for him at this point. Who knows what will happen.

The Governor
Well, machine gunning down your townspeople is one way to vacate a leadership position. That'll teach them for disobeying orders. Yikes.

Where did the drive off to, anyways? I was worried that he would double back and hit the prison while Rick, Daryl and Michonne were in Woodbury, but that didn't turn out to be the case. I mean, you'd think he'd roll back to Woodbury and pack up some gear even if he was heading off elsewhere.

Why did Martinez and the other dude not open fire? Well, they've accompanied the Governor on lots of murderous raids where they've gunned down masses of people before. From that POV, this was another massacre--a shocking one, obviously, but they've sold their souls in the service of the Governor. Where he goes, they go.

The New Additions
Carl's reaction pretty much said it all from a survivor's point of view--what is this? The people they brought back were all non-combatants...and let's not forget that the Governor conscripted pretty much anybody who could walk, so they're not really able bodied, either. They're mostly going to be a liability...a mouth to feed.

Of course, it's a tough decision to just abandon those people to die in the ruins of Woodbury. From the moral/feel good point of view, taking them in is the right call. From the pure survival standpoint...well, we'll see.

I don't imagine we'll see much of the new prison guests next season. A walker outbreak or attack from the Governor and they'll be gone pretty darn quick.

Next Season
Definitely looking forward to it. They've switched up showrunners yet again, so we'll see if the show's direction changes at all. At this point, they're charting totally new territory from the comic, so it's anybody's guess what adventures Team Rick will go on next.