> TEOTWAWKI Blog: "Mountain Man" of Southern Utah arrested



"Mountain Man" of Southern Utah arrested

Well, after years of looking, they finally got the guy. The so-called "Mountain Man" had been living in the wilderness, raiding unoccupied cabins and retreating to remote mountain areas to avoid searches by the authorities for literally years--possibly since as early as 2005.

Back when I lived in Utah, his break-in spree was often mentioned on local news media--we moved back in 2009, and I hadn't thought much about the stories since then. Pretty amazing that it took them that long to catch the guy.

At this point we don't know if he lived entirely removed from civilization during this time--heck, maybe he drove into town for McDonald's Happy Meals and a haircut every now and then, or pawned off stuff stolen from cabins and stayed at Motel 6s--but I'll be interested to find out the details as they emerge.

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