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Lights Out...the movie?

I remember reading Lights Out when it was posted online, free of charge at one of the forums back in the day. Don't think I ever got through to the end--but pretty cool to see that it will be made into a movie or web series of some kind. We'll find out details on the 18th!


  1. I read a lot of post apocalyptic fiction on my kindle and I've read Lights Out. One theme that shines through all books in this genre is the difference in being prepared and unprepared.

    A perfect example of this is in day to day living. If you are unprepared the very act of getting hot water for washing etc is such hard work, lighting a fire, finding water, boiling it. If you are prepared and already have a wood burning stove with a hot water jacket, it's easy.

    I've read some pretty appalling books. One I read recently the main characters had prepped so much that they had literally built themselves a vast DIY store in the form of a large split level barn stocked full of every possible building material they could ever need. The wonder barn also had sleeping for about 8, a spare wood burning range etc etc.

    Obviously this is ridiculous. At one point the lead character needed a tarp or two to repair his roof and was able to pick from muliple piles of different size and weight tarps!!

    The bit I find hard about most of these books (and I'm not sure if it's an American ideal) but in most of these books the heroes are God fearing good guys and their women all know their place - which is in the kitchen.

    Virtually all these books have the good little wife whipping up biscuits and stews at the drop of a hat and bottling like mad.

    A book I read last month had a sentence in it that went something like this "whilst the women knew they could have their say, in matters of life and death they were all happy to defer to the judgement of their husbands." I nearly fell off my chair when I read this.

    The same book had the war council (of about 8 men) sitting round the table and some of the senior women stood quietly at the back of the room but knew better than to say anything!"!!!!!!!!! Please!

    There are quite a few post apocalyptic films out at the moment and they are all pretty grim. Very scary. Of course no one knows just how bad things will be when society breaks down but I suspect it will be bad.

    1. As a woman, I am perfectly happy being in the house and kitchen. However, I can shoot and will if needed. I know though that I fall to pieces at the first sign of violence, so I don't think that would be beneficial in a bad scenario. Some women can handle all the tough jobs and that's great. I am not one of them. I am physically not strong but I can do gardening, cleaning, cooking, etc.

  2. Lights Out was written by a woman, wasn't it? I recall really enjoying the series. No forced 'happy' ending, either.


  3. Lights Out was written by David Crawford. Here is a Youtube video with an interview of the author:

  4. I still have one of those free down-loads on my computer.