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The Walking Dead: Clear

Spoilers below! You have been warned.

Episode starts off with Rick, Carl and Michonne on a road trip to destinations unknown--I was thinking the national guard armory. They pass a hitch hiker who has somehow survived alone for this long and is apparently unnarmed. They drive by without a second look.

After some minor troubles, they arrive in Rick's hometown to raid the police armory, only to find it empty. Further exploration of the town leads to an ambush by none other than Morgan from the first season, who has lost his mind and son since last met him. He's also set up elaborate zombie traps and fortified the Main Street of the town. The initial encounter with the group doesn't go so well and leads to Carl popping a cap in Morgan's chest. He is protected by a bullet proof vest and spends the next portion of the episode KOed.

Recognizing his old buddy, Rick wants to see what he can do to help Morgan out, while Carl and Michonne head out to retrieve a crib for baby Judith. Of course, not all goes according to plan. Morgan stabs Rick and Carl heads off on a detour to grab the last known family photo from the local zombie infested eatery.

In the end, we learn the fate of Morgan's son and Rick fails in his attempt to get him to come back to the prison. There are several strong scenes between the two, with Rick trying to talk some hope into Morgan--but I also got the sense that Rick was trying to talk some hope and sanity into himself, too.

Carl and Michonne do some bonding--this is the most talking that Michonne has done all season--and eventually return from their secret mission unscathed.

Team Rick leaves his ol' crazy pal to go about his task of "clearing" zombies from his traps, but not before borrowing a portion of the massive arsenal that Morgan has built up.

On their way out of town, Carl passes along his approval of Michonne to pops, and they pass by the partially devoured corpse of hitch hiker guy from the beginning, stopping only long enough to grab his bug out bag and then speed off into the distance.

So - we find out the fate of Morgan, Rick seems to be sane again, Michonne has won some measure of approval, and Team Rick has restocked their arms and ammo. 

A few talking points from the episode:
  • In Rick's position, would you have stopped for hitch hiker guy? Why or why not? What else could you do?
  • After the police station turned up nothing, Rick was going to go check out several local shops where he had signed permits for guns. What kind of threat would you expect from former LEOs looking for firearms from concealed carry holders or other known firearms owners?
  • Carl risked his life for a photo of his family. Do you have printed photos as a part of your supplies or kits?
Anything else you got from the episode?

Next week looks like we'll see a showdown/negotiation between Rick and the Governor. Should be intense! Any predictions?