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GunBot.net - One-Stop-Availability & Price Checking

Find yourself wasting time checking a half dozen sites for availability of ammo or magazines? I know I do--checking through Palmetto, Aim Surplus and others to see what's in stock and what's not.

GunBot does all the work for you, pulling in a live feed of price and availability from 42 popular ammuntion/magazine sellers, including favorites like Palmetto, Aim Surplus, Sportsman's Warehouse, MidwayUSA and others. It updates whenever a new deal is found, and even highlights "good" deals--at least given the current climate.

It's live data from the websites, and you can sit there and hit refresh to your heart's content, checking to see if a new deal has hit the interwebs. Newest deals are at the top.

Yes, not as foolproof as manually visiting the sites in question, but a heck of a lot easier than doing so. Work smarter, not harder as they often say.

No ads or spam, either.

I've got it bookmarked and will be visiting it whenever curiosity strikes. Even if you're not shopping, it gives you one place to stop to check the current availability and going rate of ammo and mags.

Check out the GunBot >


  1. Thanks, I didn't know about the bot. I missed 9mm at .40 per round but got some at .44
    Now I can practice at the range without cringing.

  2. Gunbot.net does not work as advertised. I've been using the standard version Gunbot.net for a couple weeks and the PAID email version for the last few days. I can tell you unequivocally... do NOT pay for the service!!! After 30+ email notices with the $20 paid service, it has never worked once. (Paid version allows ONLY up to four alerts for various ammo, magazines, reloading all combined). I have extremely fast business cable internet speed. I have tried emails with yahoo and gmail. Every time I had an email notice to either Yahoo or Gmail on my computer and cell, I clicked and found the listings SOLD OUT 80% of the time. We're talking 2 seconds of getting the email notice or watching the listings appear after hitting refresh myself. The other 20% the ammo website could not function properly with checkout or was so slow, it became futile. Other issue is limit of 2 by sellers isn't worth buying when shipping brings it up too high. Let's just say way too many people in the United States are using this program or something similar to pounce on ammo. Remember, these sites will let you take inventory into the cart, but whoever checks out first gets the goods. I have an automated extension which allows me to automatically insert all my personal and financial information for checkout. Takes less than 5 seconds to checkout on any ammo website. I am pre registered with almost all of them. Still No luck. Always Sold Out. How is everyone beating ME??? Gunbot.net is worthless. Certainly don't spend a non-refundable $20 to become frustrated. Heck, I even have web pages open on Gunbot.net to hear beep alerts! That does NOT work most the time.