> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Moving...again!




You might remember that the Wolf clan moved across country this past summer - nearly coast-to-coast but not quite. It was long and exhausting, but we've enjoyed the new area and have been getting settled. Maybe looking at buying a house.

Well, I just got notice from work that we'll be moving for a short term, 6-month assignment about three states away. It's not unexpected--I'm halfway through a work/rotational program, and there was about a 50/50 shot that we were going to be able to stay put in our current location, which was our preference. New location was #2 on our list, and will be a fun enough place to spend 6 months.

We'll still be in the same region (the Southeast), and the company is paying for furnished housing for the duration, which has some definite financial perks. We're renting now and our lease is up the month we move,  so we will probably throw most of our stuff into storage and move with whatever we can pack into the Family Assault Vehicle and probably a little pull behind trailer.

Leaving behind the majority of our stuff and moving into a smaller, temporary living place in an area that is entirely unfamiliar presents some concerns from a preparedness standpoint. We'll be limited in what we bring with us and what will make sense to acquire/store while there.
 I've been focusing on bug out gear over the past while, which is probably about all that we will bring with us. Other than that, we'll build up some minimal stores of food and water. Some fuel if storage is feasible. Storage space in the new living quarters will be minimal, I imagine; it'll be a 2-bedroom corporate housing type apartment.

We've moved around quite a bit--this will be the 9th time that we've moved in the almost 7 years that my wife and I have been married--so it's nothing new. We have intentionally not built up massive supplies of food, overly bulky equipment or other stuff because we've always had moves ahead of us. We're definitely not leaving a full on doomsday prepper complex with 5 years of food and consumables stored up. We've made do with limited space before, so no big deal.

We'll still be prepared for an emergency evac and a week or so without power, which are the most likely scenarios in my mind.

Anyways, that's what we're looking at right now.

This news moves up time tables on a couple purchases--any firearms, for example, will need to be purchased prior to the move, as I'm not establishing residency in the new state. Some roof storage kit for the Family Assault Vehicle may be in order. Maybe a Pelican case for rifle transport and storage. That sorta thing.

Otherwise, I'm kind of mentally thinking through what I absolutely need to bring, what would be nice to have, what can probably stay behind and what I'd rather just sell or trade off. There will be some culling, I'm sure.

Certainly something to keep me busy and outta trouble for the next while!

Oh--and yes, I haven't forgot. Lots of reviews coming down the pipeline shortly. Stay tuned!


  1. Little OwlMarch 01, 2013

    Will you be leaving stuff at your old home to then come back to it at a later date? If so how will you leave it securely? Good luck with your move.

    I'm really enjoying your website. There's alot of great info on it. I'm taking notes!

    1. We're renting right now. We could continue to pay rent on the place and leave all of our stuff here...it would be as secure as a locked up house. We could probably pay a friend to do a drive by once a week. If we owned the house, that's probably what we'd do.

      Instead, we're going to move out and lock the majority of our stuff up in one of those secure self-storage places. So we'll avoid having to pay rent + utilities on an empty house--that money will go right into my pocket--and we'll have some more peace of mind over just leaving everything sitting in a house.

  2. I've moved 18 times since 2001 so I feel your pain. It teaches you not to keep clutter and things you really don't need. Good luck with the move!

  3. Good luck and be safe! Moving is a vulnerable time for a prepper.

  4. I've recently begun trying to find ways to build up reserves of food, water, fuel, ammo, etc... all the necessities for a bad situation. Unfortunately, I'm also going to be renting and storage space will be minimal. I'd thought about a secure storage unit and found a couple nearby that would be quickly accessible. Thanks for this article, it confirmed my thoughts that this may be the best solution.

  5. We had a secure unit for a couple of years. When we were looking we lived in the city, we knew which direction we would head in the event of an emergency/disaster and so picked a lock up on the outskirts of the city on that side. Our plan was that if we had to make multiple trips to it, it would involve the least possible contact with other people.

  6. I've thought about getting a secured storage unit myself. But can you access the building/units if the grid was down? I know a lot of places have security that relies on power.

    1. The one we picked on the edge of town was quite low tech. That's why we picked it.

  7. I live in the Southeast and will be looking at moving at the end of this year once I finish school. I have several employers in mind but it will obviously depend on who is willing to pay my bills. Definitely looking to stay in the south. Good luck w/ your move!

  8. Sorry about the moving to a new den thing....An idea..
    I was looking at small used RVs, pretty good deals since it's a luxury in todays crappy economy. An abundance for sale cheap in NASCAR country..Pack it up, tow the urban assault vehicle, move the clan and park it securely at the new digs ...
    Another option for me would be to commute...I've basically spent my entire life on the road and with the invent of technology available today, Skype, smart phones,cheap commuter flights, ect., home is a lot closer than ever...Six months goes by quick when you are looking to get home every weekend, and I wouldn't have to move my stuff.....

  9. My folks moved alot over the years and she had a saying: "five moves is equal to a fire" and that's just about right.