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Solkoa SUMA Tin

Thanks to the commenter who found this. The tin/container shown at the beginning of the article is what the SEALs have requested for their survival kit - the SUMA Container from a company called Solkoa, who uses FastFire for their to-civilian sales.

Machined from a solid aluminum billet and available in a wide array of colors and patterns, it's probably about as tough of a tin as you're going to find. Makes sense that this would be what the SEALs would use.

This article from Soldier Systems shows some of the custom color options available for the tin, and also suggests that the tin has been in use since 2010-ish. So perhaps the kit outlined in the RFQ has been in use for a while.

At $55 for the tin, the SUMA container is an expensive substitute for an altoid tin or similar. Certainly, it's going to be more durable, but probably unnecessarily so for most of us folks who aren't jumping out of helicopters and funded by government budgets.

If price was no object, though, why not?

Here's another video I dug up that shows some boiling tests and light digging - looks like the finish holds up well.