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SEAL Team 6 Survival Pocket Kits

The SEALs have put out a request for quotes on 300 pocket-sized survival kits, which end up sounding a lot like the pocket survival kits that we're fond of here on T-Blog.

The full contents list can be found over at the original, but includes:
  • Handcuff shim and universal handcuff key
  • Ceramic razor blade
  • Tanto pointed hacksaw blade
  • P-38 can opener
  • Thermal blanket
  • 40x water purification tablets in an amber vial
  • 2L water storage bag
The thermal blanket might be a bit hard to wedge into the kit but otherwise, looks pretty darn good. And a good starting place if you're looking to build your own, too. I use or have used most of the contents they list in building my own kits, which is kind of cool and some validation that I guess I'm not totally crazy.

Here's a long shot: If someone can grab me a picture of one of these kits--even just the container they're using--I'd be very thankful. I don't think this would be non-public kind of knowledge, but disregard if it is.

I was thinking that they might be using the BCB Survival tin and carrier as a basis for the kit, but the measurements specified (4x2.5x1.2) don't match up with the BCB tin. Pretty close if you wanted to build your own, though.

I'm a nerd when it comes to small survival kits...had to pass along.

Thanks to Ryan at TSLRF for ID'ing.