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Cordage: Technora Four Hundred Survival Cord

40 feet of 400 test cordage and a few playing cards for size comparison. 
We've looked at mil-spec paracord and the amazing 950 pound test Technora Nine Fifty, and now we're working our way down the tensile-strength ladder to the smaller but incredibly tough Technora Four Hundred Survival Cord.

Perfect for applications where you want lots of strength in the smallest size package, Technora Four Hundred comes close to the strength of good ol' 550 paracord at a fraction of the size and weight. A 40 foot length tips the scales at a mere .6 ounces and fits easily in a pocket.

Technora excels in tough conditions, too - hot temperatures? It maintains half is strength at 480 degrees! It laughs at acids, chemicals and salt water. Throw whatever you want at it - it'll handle it!

Its got a very slight tacky feel to it, and holds the knots I've tied with it very well. No worries about slippery cord here.

Why would you want cordage so small yet so strong? Well, if you have limited space, why not maximize the amount of strength you can get out of it? Technora Four Hundred is substantially thinner than more common lines, but still offers enough strength to do most anything you'd ask it to. Tie offs for traps? Shelter building? Weight supporting lashings? Setting up a tarp in high winds? Technora Four Hundred has the strength to do it all in a very small and air weight package. A 10 to 15 foot length will fit easily inside a pocket survival kit. A 40 foot hank would fit well within a small E&E kit or every day possibles bag, and take up negligible weight.

Vigilant Gear is your place to buy Technora Four Hundred - let 'em know T-Blog sent you. Thanks to Vigilant for providing the samples used in this series.

We've got a few more kinds of cordage to look at in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!