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Obama Election AR Lower - Image

Was going through some older stuff and realized that I never posted up a picture of the assembled AR lower that I talked about at the beginning of December, prior to the current madness. Looks like the upper half will be waiting a while, but even if a ban somehow makes it through, uppers should still be legal, as they are a part, and not the serialized firearm. This will be getting a mid length BCM upper of some variety. Parts list at the original post.


  1. Funny. Using a lot of your parts as a starting point, I actually finished building my lower this evening. Thanks for getting me started.

    Ordered a Spikes Tactical mid-length 16" complete upper last week, but it's on backorder. Might be a while.

    1. I think Spike's was saying they are a year back logged! Glad the original post was helpful.

  2. We (Primary Arms) received twenty Spike's uppers (Middy and Carbine) late last week and they were gone in less than thirty minutes.

  3. I built a rifle with a 14.5in mid length BCM upper (as well as BCG and gunfighter charging handle) recently. Do not have enough good things to say about it.

    It is a really nice setup and if I build another AR it will be on the same platform.

  4. I got caught in the same situation. I have an assembled lower and just needed the right upper.

    I guess my custom ar build will have to wait for all this hysteria to end.