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Tip of the Week: CDNN showing PTR-91s in stock

If you're frantically searching for an evil black rifle before the Dems try to ban them all, then I'd look seriously at the PTR-91. CDNN is advertising that they have them in stock at $1299. Edit: Not advertised on their website, but they sent out an e-mail ad yesterday. You'll have to call them if you are interested.

PTR-91s take G3 HK-91 magazines, which can still be had for $4 a pop - Old Grouch is showing them in stock.

$1300 isn't cheap, but my local gun shop is selling a used WASR AK - worth maybe $400 - for $1400, and a basic Palmetto State Armory AR with a handful of accessories for $3K. So, comparatively, the PTR is a screamin' deal - and it's a true "main battle rifle" if that is important to you.

So, PTR-91 plus say 50 G3 magazines for $1500. Not chump change, but if you waited until the 11th hour to get into this kind of stuff, you're going to pay to play.

Or you could cross your fingers and wait 6 months and hope nothing happens. I'm optimistic on this one at the end of the day...House Republicans will shoot down anything too far reaching, and it doesn't sound like Biden is going to recommend going as far out there as Commandant Feinstein to begin with. He submits his "task force" recommendations on Tuesday, so we'll find out then.

Regardless, I would recommend investing in an NRA membership or donation, as well as writing your Congress person.

I know some have issue with the NRA sending junk mail or selling product, but, they have the size and influence to actually make things happen. Look how much flack the NRA has taken - how mindlessly the organization has been attacked by the gun banners. If they were ineffectual, if they weren't on the front lines of defending the 2nd Amendment, do you think they would get the attention they've been getting?

Writing your Congress person is really easy these days - Congress.org (a non-profit) has a form you can fill out and e-mail to all of your federal officials in one click of the button. I know we're all concerned about OPSEC, but there is a time to stand up and fight for your rights, and this is it. It's not like the Feds can't figure out that you've purchased firearms in the past, anyways...so go tell 'em to uphold the Bill of Rights!


  1. I went to cdnn website via the link and could find anything about the ptr. I have a couple and would like to pick up another, just wanted to give you a heads up.

    1. Hey thanks - I edited it to clarify. You'll need to give them a call; they sent out an e-mail blast yesterday advertising it, it's not on their website.

      Good luck!

  2. I bought one a few months back from a local gun store for around $1100; it's a damn fine rifle, just a little expensive to keep fed on the regular.

  3. This current situation is a great lesson in preparedness.

    Seems a new AWB is less likely now, thankfully. I'm not so sure about any hi-cap mag ban however. I was going to buy an over-priced lower-receiver this week since full ARs are near impossible to find and the ones in the wild are double or triple their pre-Dec price, but now I may just wait. I may still try to order some AR mags, in addition to the ones I've already ordered though, when I get paid next because I'm not confident that a hi-cap mag ban is less likely even now.

    All that being said this whole situation is a great lesson on preparedness. It goes to show that if you value the ideal of owning a firearm, in particular for self defense, then it literally pays to prepare as soon as possible and ahead of major events that threaten your person, home, and/or liberty.

    I dragged my feet for years on investing $700+ in an AR-15 rifle. Figured I had all the time in the world. This situation proves that the 2nd Amendment stood on the edge of it being gutted by a hysterical public, hypocritical media, and disingenuous, fear-mongering politicians in the span of a month. The situation was made exponentially worse by fortune-hunting gun and ammo hoarders who bought up insane amounts of inventory from retailers in the hopes taking advantage of the situation and fear caused by our media and gov't to garner themselves a quick buck.

    But I digress, mainly my point is how fast and easily those of us who cherish the 2nd Amendment, but who weren't prepared, were caught with our pants down. My point isn't necessarily about the ones doing the screwing.

    Morale of the story, if you think you need to be prepared for some unlikely event, don't screw around. Work on it constantly. Even if its little by little. Don't just assume you have time to get it done. Don't just assume that after a tragic event you will still be able to get the supplies you need.

    I've learned my lesson. If this storm does truly blow over and prices return to a reasonable level, I'm going to buy more mags for the guns I have and the guns I want to get. I'm going to save more aggressively for the guns I want to buy, like an AR15. I'm going to invest in a few of the regulated parts needed to build an AR should the storm rise again. And I'm going to start building an ammo supply so I'll be good when mass shortages and price increases come again.

    In the end I want to be responsible for my personal security and not leave it in the hands of politicians who want to take it way and money grubbing douche bags who screw up the market for it. And the only way to do that is to be prepared ahead of time.

    Congrats to all of you who were smarter than me. I can only hope to learn more from you.