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Tip of the Week: CDNN showing PTR-91s in stock

If you're frantically searching for an evil black rifle before the Dems try to ban them all, then I'd look seriously at the PTR-91. CDNN is advertising that they have them in stock at $1299. Edit: Not advertised on their website, but they sent out an e-mail ad yesterday. You'll have to call them if you are interested.

PTR-91s take G3 HK-91 magazines, which can still be had for $4 a pop - Old Grouch is showing them in stock.

$1300 isn't cheap, but my local gun shop is selling a used WASR AK - worth maybe $400 - for $1400, and a basic Palmetto State Armory AR with a handful of accessories for $3K. So, comparatively, the PTR is a screamin' deal - and it's a true "main battle rifle" if that is important to you.

So, PTR-91 plus say 50 G3 magazines for $1500. Not chump change, but if you waited until the 11th hour to get into this kind of stuff, you're going to pay to play.

Or you could cross your fingers and wait 6 months and hope nothing happens. I'm optimistic on this one at the end of the day...House Republicans will shoot down anything too far reaching, and it doesn't sound like Biden is going to recommend going as far out there as Commandant Feinstein to begin with. He submits his "task force" recommendations on Tuesday, so we'll find out then.

Regardless, I would recommend investing in an NRA membership or donation, as well as writing your Congress person.

I know some have issue with the NRA sending junk mail or selling product, but, they have the size and influence to actually make things happen. Look how much flack the NRA has taken - how mindlessly the organization has been attacked by the gun banners. If they were ineffectual, if they weren't on the front lines of defending the 2nd Amendment, do you think they would get the attention they've been getting?

Writing your Congress person is really easy these days - Congress.org (a non-profit) has a form you can fill out and e-mail to all of your federal officials in one click of the button. I know we're all concerned about OPSEC, but there is a time to stand up and fight for your rights, and this is it. It's not like the Feds can't figure out that you've purchased firearms in the past, anyways...so go tell 'em to uphold the Bill of Rights!