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Mayan Doomsday: Will the world end tomorrow?

Not looking likely, especially after Jell-O decided to make an offering to the Mayan pantheon.

How worried am I? Not very. I'm more concerned about crazies doing crazy things because they think there might be no 12/22. I'm working remotely, avoiding large gatherings and otherwise chillaxing with the family. Probably not a bad idea...and it's the holidays, anyways. We might have a little party in the evening to celebrate the date...or just go to bed early.

Stay safe, amigos.


  1. "see ya on the other side"

  2. Doing pretty much the same thing up here in the frozen wastelands of Central Canada Mr. Wolf /// Still wonder if last Friday's CT tragedy wasn't because of the impending date & it's just being buried by the media / officials for fear of a wider spread panic.

    Merry Christmas & many joyous returns to my Cousins south of the 49th

  3. It is already tomorrow here, & so far so good. Bit dissapointing really.

  4. thanks for sharing.

  5. Bob S.
    Dittos on the crazies Mud.
    And Hey Le Loup I just realized why you looked familiar I am subscribed to your channel on Y-Tube Small world! But then again learning how It was done in the 18th century goes hand and hand with prepping.Good Luck everybody!