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10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Survivalists

If you're shopping for a survivalist - of if you are a survival minded guy and gal and your friends/family keep complaining that they have no idea what to get you - here are 10 last-minute gift ideas for under $50. They're all from Amazon, kings of fulfillment and fast shipping, so you can get these to your door before Christmas even if you order as late as Saturday evening. For Amazon's free super saver shipping, though, you'll need to order by 3 pm EST tomorrow.

Onto the gifts!

Otis Cleaning Kit: A lot of us have a hodge-podge of cleaning equipment - half worn out, too! A good cleaning kit is always nice to have. This Otis kit is compact, but versatile enough to clean most any firearm - .17 caliber up to 12 gauge.

Sawyer Point One Squeeze: The Sawyer filters are the best on the market - compact, lightweight, versatile and good for an advertised million gallons. Even if you've already got other filters kicking around, the Sawyer will find a place in your rotation.

Goal Zero Light-A-Life: These low power consumption LED lamps are designed to work with Goal Zero's products, but they'll work with any 12 volt power source - a car battery, for example. For inspiration, check out how Commander Zero uses his.

Shemagh: I know, I know - you've probably got the stigma that these are either terrorist wear or for special operations forces dress up time. But, they're a big piece of soft, absorbent cotton - much more useful than an already very useful bandanna. Scarf, towel, sling, baby blankey...A bajillion uses, which is why SOF guys and others have adopted them. I was a doubter for a long while, but finally picked one up a few weeks back and have been impressed by its usefulness!

Guyot Stainless Water Bottle: This is the best water bottle on the market, and it was unavailable for a long while. They're back and they're less expensive! I've used mine on a daily basis for 3 or so years...it's got some dings and dents, but it's still going strong!

Titanium Spork: This is the best multipurpose eating tool I've used - generous sized spoon on one end, fork/knife combo on the other. The titanium allows you to use it more safely in/around fire and boiling water. They also make a plastic version that you can buy in a 4 pack for stocking stuffers. I carry and use one of these on a daily basis...really great design, works very well.

Eagle Creek Pack-It: I love these for organizing gear, first aid kits, food--whatever. The small and extra small sizes are about right for daily carry uses...they get a bit big outside of that.

Electronic Hearing Protection: Hearing protection is one area many of us cheap out on...'cuz little foam ear plugs are next to free. These electronic ear muffs don't just protect your hearing--they are 'smart' and can actually amplify quieter sounds while blocking out the dangerously loud ones. Yep, you can actually carry on a conversation while wearing these - no yelling needed! Retaining/increasing your hearing capabilities while still protecting it from loud noises provides a definite tactical advantage over traditional ear protection, too.

Magazine Loaders: Busting thumbs and wasting time loading magazines can be a drag on range time, especially when we're talking 10/22 magazines. The Butler Creek 10/22 loader works really well...load up a magazine pretty quickly, no sore thumbs involved. For AR style mags, the Strip Lula is pretty awesome fast. For pistol magazines - often the hardest to load - the Universal Pistol Lula is the go-to choice.

Finally, if you're really (really) last minute, an Amazon Gift Card. If you can't find something useful on Amazon - be it a piece of gear, book or video - then you're just not trying hard enough.

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