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The Walking Dead: Hounded

Merl and Michonne showdown in the woods, Rick answers the phone call from crazyland, the fate of Carol is revealed and Andrea does the nastiest thing we've seen on the show yet!

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Merl and three Governor squad red shirts head out in pursuit of Michonne, apparently sent on orders from the Governor to retrieve her sword and head for his personal collection. That Governor - he has such interesting hobbies.

Michonne ambushes 'em and takes out two of the red shirts before Merl opens up with his handgun and clips her in the leg. She flees, Merl and the remaining red shirt pursue. Another fight breaks out, and this time walkers join in on the fun. Michonne disembowels a walker and gets covered in guts for her troubles, then flees. She's able to sneak past some walkers due to the entrail shower she received earlier.

Merl decides they've given it a good try and ol' Michonne is probably done for anyways--time to call it a day. The remaining red shirt isn't going to go back to the Governor without her head. Merl doesn't like being disagreed with and puts a bullet in the guy's head.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea admits she liked the Zombie Games, tries out for the wall team and fails and then hooks up with the Governor. Yikes. This was more horrific than a lot of the horrific stuff we've seen on the Walking Dead. Andrea is now at the very top of the list of characters who need to die.

At the prison, Rick gets a series of phone calls on the boiler room hotline, and it's ultimately revealed that he's making it all up as a coping mechanism. He finally "talks" to Lori and is able to get some closure with her, which seems to snap him out of crazytown for the time being.

Daryl, Oscar and Carl decide to go clear out the prison basement/lower level, where Daryl and Carl have a bit of a bonding moment/ Daryl's mom died when he was a kid too...Carl points out that he didn't have to shoot him mom in the head, but it's the thought that counts. Good guy points to Daryl.

After slaying a lone walker, Daryl discover's Carol's knife wedged in its bloated neck...it looked like some kind of out-the-front auto, so points to Carol for cool knife choice. There's one closet that they haven't yet clear, with the door creaking back and forth, and Daryl now assumes that zombified Carol is inside...after finally getting pysched up enough to knife zombie Carol, Daryl throws open the door to discover...living Carol! She's out of it, but not a zombie. Yay - something happy on the show.

Glenn and Maggie decide to go on a supply run to the local shopping mart. Wounded Michonne hides and watches nearby while they chat it up, get some formula and toys for the baby. Merl shows up, talks his way in close; a brief fight breaks out and Merl ends up with Maggie and a gun to her head. Merl takes 'em back to the Governor and promises to make 'em talk.

The episode ends with Rick, mostly recovered, holding his new daughter for the first time. They go for a family stroll outside and then spot Michonne among the walkers at the gate. She's somehow found her way to the prison, and it looks like Team Grimes has its newest member.

Obviously, the supply run was undermanned and ill-advised. There was no real urgent reason why they had to go when they did--they had some food for the baby, and Team Grimes was all over the place when they left. Rick was momentarily insane, Daryl and the others sweeping the basement, and Carol's fate yet undetermined. And let's face it, Glenn and Maggie are not exactly the most fearsome of combatants. There was zero tactical awareness, lots of loud talking, etc. It's little surprise their little scouting trip ended poorly.

Merl is a whack-job, out only for himself, and it's not clear that he's sane enough at this point to have any real agenda. He's a scary dude. I did think it was a nice touch that they showed Merl tactical reloading his handgun, one handed. Decent technique, too.

Glenn should have shot first, Han Solo-style. In a situation like that, where you've got a clearly armed psycho closing in on you, if they're ignoring your commands then it's time to start shooting. Don't let crazy biker dudes with bayonet arms get close to you...it's probably not going to turn out well for you.

Rick's foray into temporary insanity emphasizes the mental damage that comes from traumatic situations. There's only so much emotional/psychological stuff one person can take before something gives, and that amount varies for everyone.

Michonne needs a gun. She'd have been better served with a 10/22 than that katana, as cool as the katana is. She could have head-shot'd Merl and his lackeys from her tree top perch without too much trouble.

I'm worried about Glenn and Maggie, now prisoners of Merl and Governor...and we've seen how he treats his prisoners. It looks like Michonne will be leading Rick and the rest of the team in for the rescue and the final showdown between Merl and Daryl. Should be epic!


  1. It was a pretty interesting show, better than last week. Yes, it does appear a brother vs. brother scene will be in the future. Glad to see Herschel up and about too. Andrea and Governor - we all knew that was just a matter of time. I see the Governor's daughter becoming a future wedge though.

  2. "Don't let crazy biker dudes with bayonet arms get close to you..."

    Words to live by...

    1. AMEN Brother!!!!

  3. A bad guy can close 20ft in the amount of time it takes you to make the decision to pull the trigger. Thus, a bad guy should never be closer than 21 feet to you. Within that radius you should have already taken action: shoot, move, do something. Merle should be dead right now.

    1. That comes from the Tueller drill, and it refers to someone with a holstered handgun. Someone with a drawn handgun already aimed at an adversary can easily fire in time.

  4. It's a shame Glenn let the talking go on so long, he should have just taken the shot. Andrea will have to step in for them, but wondering how Glenn and Maggie will get out of Stepford? I'd hate to lose either of these characters, they really are only a few of the really nice characters in the whole show.

  5. it was authentic enough with Merl taking them like he did. Every warrior knows that hesitation is what kills, that's why some police on bad events end badly for the police, the bad guy rarely hesitates and hopes the policeman does, just a second of hesitation and its all over. I think it was a nice touch in the show, realistic. I agree a brother on brother is going to happen soon.

  6. Evil Glenn, we barely knew thee.

  7. "Don't let crazy biker dudes with bayonet arms get close to you..."

    Words to live by...

    Or to wear on a tshirt

    Why does everyone hate on Andrea so much? She wants normal so badly. And if we didn't know the governors back story, would we think he was so slimy? Rick gets to go to crazy town, why not the gov? Hershel's youngest daughter annoys the crap out of me. She is either wearing the red shirt in later episodes or the only person in the world who will survive the zombies. Yah, Carol!

  8. I agree with Maria, to a point. I think Andrea is no more annoying than any female character in the show. I don't mean to be sexist in any way, but I'm simply suggesting that the women of "The Walking Dead" are not as complete as the male characters. It has to do with the writing, more than the acting. Rick needs no explanation, even with his recent trip to crazytown, he's Da MAN! Even when we hated Shane, he was at least interesting. Merle and Darryl are gonna have their final fight eventually, and yes, it will be epic. Glen has proven his worth many times over. Can anybody seem him as a Bilbo Baggins archetype (reluctant hero), or is that too much of a stretch? Even Hershel has some depth as a character...former preacher/veterinarian(?) and former drunk who has found a place in this new world, only after loosing everything he held so sacred. T-dog, sadly, never had a chance to really stand out, apart from his final episode.

    I feel that the women in this show are generally hollow archetypes of female characters. Lori was prolly the most interesting of the characters, since she initially had a dark secret to keep from Rick. Carol was, for season one, an abused wife, more at home on the lifetime channel. In season two, she was basically the grieving, yet ineffectual mother. Maggie is hot, if you like a darker version of Daisy Duke, and now she is basically just an extension of Glen. She also plays the dutiful daughter, but she was quick to write Hershel off when he was injured. Andrea always struck me as a Tomboy...maybe she figured Daddy always wanted a boy and tried to live up to that expectation. She's always eager to prove herself in a fight, but some guy in a position of power is always there to deny her the opportunity. Her desire to "opt out" netted her the loss of her gun for how many episodes? And her recent deployment to "wall duty" landed her in the Governor's office, like a high school girl confronting the principle, then of course, into his bed...naughty schoolgirl. So, basically, what I'm saying is that Andrea doesn't deserve to die, just for sleeping with the powerful, yet unstable Governor. It might even give her character some depth, when she learns the truth and gets the drop on him...just a thought.

    1. What about Michonne? Not exactly a weak female character.

      Maggie, too, I think, is generally a pretty good character. Her relationship with Glenn is one of Team Grimes' happy points, and I think she more than pulls her own without being annoying. She's had some good moments.

      I liked Andrea end of last season, after she got over her suicide stint, did some training with Shane and stepped up as one of the group's fighters.

      This season though, she's ignored the warnings of her friend and watched her walk back out into the zombie-wastelands so she could have some sense of normalcy and jump into the Governor's bed.

      That said, she will eventually learn the truth about the Governor--maybe he will want to show of his head collection or introduce her to Penny. We can hope she'll take the action needed and do something to redeem herself.

  9. Unfortunately, appealing as it may be, capping Merle has greater implications. Daryl is shaping up as a de-facto second-in-command over at Casa Grimes. If Glenn capped Merle and told Maggie to never breathe a word of it, how long do you think it would have been before Daryl finds out? Then what? True, he's become Rick's buddy despite Rick being somewhat responsible for Merle's one-handedness, but thats not the same as killing him. Even if Maggie and Glenn kept their mouth shut, Michonne would have seen the whole thing and she's certainly shown an inability to keep her mouth shut for her own good. (Challenging the psychotic tyrant that holds your life in his hands in his own town is never a smart move.)

    What should they have done? Beats me. I suppose an argument could be made that they could have 'just shot him in the leg' or somesuch but all that would do is open up a gunfight where he would have been killed anyway.

    Of course, if their situational awareness was a little better they might have been able to avoid the whole thing. They let themselves be bracketed by two unknowns, Michonne and Merle.

    1. I guess it comes down to how much of a threat you perceived Merle to be. If you think he may attack, kidnap, rape and murder you...then I hope Daryl would understand if you put a bullet in his big brother's head.

      And given the brother's rocky past, I think he would.

  10. Love the show, but kinda disappointed in Glenn this week for not taking what should have been an easy hostage shot at what.....2 or 3 yards at most? Come on Glenn, dont seem to have trouble takin head shots on the move on moving zombie heads....this is the woman you love we're talking about! As far as woulda/shoulda....maybe Merle needs to stop putting himself in situations where people want to kill him....better to be a productive member than a liability...at some point, somebody gonna punch your card! In reality, you better not hesitate or second guess the situation or you aint gonna last long.