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Calling for funny survival related images


I'm looking for your help in gathering up humorous/hilarious survival, preparedness and firearm related images. Bad ads from the 80s, political stuff, gun stuff, terrible ideas, bad guys looking silly...you get the picture, ya?

I'd like to start up a weekly series with entertaining stuff to help kick off the weekend, and I need your help in pulling some good stuff together.

Send photos (should be no worse than PG-13) and a source if you've got one to me at teotwawki.blog@gmail.com

Here's a few from my meager personal collection to get you started: 

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We can file this under "medical" maybe?
I hope the lock works well!


  1. Pretty funny...doubt the French will appreciate it, but hey if you want respect from us pay your damn war debts.

  2. The knife at the end is hilarious

  3. Cool, look for comments in Pinterest

  4. Not trying to be a dick here. Maybe there is something about Frances history that I have missed. An honest question-why does everyone bag on the french so hard?? Other than WWII, it seems to me they had a rather honorable and respectable military history. I don't claim to be a history expert, so am I missing something?? They even helped us defeat the british in our quest for independence. Not offended or complaining, I just don't get it.

    1. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/text/france.html

  5. During WWII they fight well to. With Honor & Sacrifice.
    Look at :

    Soldiers were mostly French North African Muslim 95%

    I know it's politically incorrect to write that.
    Yes, I'm French.

    Best Regards,

    Ps: Our debt is for Acadians,
    ("T-bone picture" lollll)

  6. The French have morphed from world power status to chees eating surrender monkeys in 100 years. They peaked under Napoleon, and have been in a downhill race since then. The best force they had was the "Forgien Legion", and they disbanded them, the only reason they hold any power at all is the US, and the UK granted them a place at the table, they have not done anything to earn it.

  7. French Legion stills exist
    stills good.

    First read,
    then speak,

    the rest is literature. :)


  8. You'll find Yanks get all pissy about the French because they did not sign up to the Coalition of the Willing and protested against the invasion of Iraq. The French were some of the first to show up in Bosnia and more recently, Libya. They pick their fights aligned to their interests, just like the US does. They had significant economic interests in the Middle East at the time. They also have a healthy democracy and their electorates were opposed to joining the war, so obviously the government reflected this.

    1. The reason they boycotted the "Coalition of the Willing" is they, the germans, and the russians were in direct violation of UN resolutions regarding weapons embargos imposed after Desert Storm, and the UN was under the supervision of Kofi Anon, whose son was also pervarting the "Oil for Food" clauses to get filthy rich trading oil vouchers for money/weapons and silence. The French had no intention of enforcing a arms embargo on a high bidding client, the germans sold centrifuges, and processing gear, and the former soviet clien.t states along with russia were in a bidding war to supply Sadams wishes.
      Sorry if this offends you, but not everything on MSM news can be believed, and some of us were boots on the ground and saw the ev idence for ourselves.

    2. Like I said, they pick their fights to suit their interest, very much like the US does. I think you will find, the rest of the world points the finger at the US on this more than it does the French or other Europeans, because most of the time the US does more than its fair share of meddling to suit itself.

  9. I had no idea that "French courage" was a touchy subject.

    Most of the France bashing is a hold over from WWII. It wasn't just the rapid defeat and surrender of the French, but the extent that they fell in line/collaborated with their new Nazi masters. Read up on the history.

    The memories of WWII far outweigh whatever victories the French military had before and since then in the popular conscience.

  10. I don't want to transform "Comments" into "Forum"
    So I won't answer you, A.Wolf. (Unless Blog owner allows me)

    "Anonymous" ,just on top of you, gives a brilliant explanation.


    1. What? I AM the blog owner.

      The "French are cowards" thing WAY precedes the Iraq War and goes back to (at least) WWII.

      I'm not saying it's accurate- I'm sure there are plenty of perfectly brave Frenchmen - but that's the history of it.

    2. That must be a uniquely American take on it, because there were multiple reasons the French messed up so badly against the Germans, and none of them had to do with bravery in the common understanding; political turmoil, comparatively fewer resources, recovery from WW1, poor strategy around modern advances in technology (air and mechanised armour), and inferior strategy vs the Germans.

      Given the French Resistance is commonly held up as one of the great resistance efforts of modern history, I really don't get that notion. There is something to be said about the North's willingness to help their conquerors however! But then, it pales against the likes of Italy's position.

  11. People were originally pissy because of their quick surrender in WWII. While on tour in France, the common statement is that they surrendered rather than watch their magnificent city (Paris) get obliterated when nobody was coming to their aid at the time.

  12. Makes fun of a country because they has lost a war is stupid. And do that without know the history facts, is even more stupid.

  13. Teotwaki I have to call foul play.

    The Second Image is from the People Cube satire website, why was their stamp removed from the image ? Work attribution is something that should be respected.


    Besides that it has the potential to be fun series, I shall contribute with some entries.

    1. It's something I picked up a long while back, without attribution in the original...someone down the line removed it, not me. I will update with the source - thank you for passing it along.

    2. It's something I picked up a long while back, without attribution in the original...someone down the line removed it, not me. I will update with the source - thank you for passing it along.

  14. Couple of things about the French. Yes, they had a long standing and strong military tradition. And they fought like devils in WWI. That decimated their population (what with the whole, "charge their position" mentality of WWI on the Western Front and all).

    With the Treaty of Versailles, the French (and British) attempted to punish Germany. They succeeded in humiliating Germany, which made them angry. Germany rearmed, while France stood behind an incomplete line of defenses. Defenses that Germany went around. France knew it could fight and die, or surrender and live. They chose to live. The Vichy French collaborated, the French Resistance fought back at great personal risk.

    Most Americans don't realize the French put up any sort of fight, they get the 15 minute version in their history class. The quick version makes it sound like Germany rolled into France, the French surrendered (and collaborated) and the Americans came to save them. This does a diservice to the French that fought and died defending their country, as well as those in the Resistance that made the Allied invasion a success.

    Remember, Germany was prepared for a World War, while France, Britain, Russia, Poland and the United States were NOT. We didn't want to get involved at all.

    The things that the French have to realize about Americans is that we did come to your aid (eventually) on two separate occasions. And then we got ourselves involved in the mess in Indochina (Vietnam for those who don't know), in part because of France's desire to hold onto their colonies. And because of the "domino" effect/theory and fear of the communist boogyman.

    That France didn't want to get involved in another war in Iraq shouldn't come as any surprise. Most Americans didn't want to either. That the evidence against Iraq was lacking/we didn't make a compelling case for war didn't help. Besides that, French companies were making a ton of money selling the Iraqi's consumer goods.

    We should have gone in when Iraq started massacring its own civilians after the first Gulf War. Seeing as the United States and France signed a treaty indicating we would prevent genocide. Should have done something in Rwanda and Darfur too, but that's another story.

    In the end, the real problem is that no one takes the time to learn enough about others to even begin to see things from someone else's point of view. It's easier to make jokes at the expense of others and belittle each other.

    We tend to bash the French as cowards because they surrendered quickly during WWII. Mostly because we have this notion that we would not have surrendered, at least not without more of a fight. We forget the horror that the French endured during WWI, mostly because most people never learned much about WWI except we "saved" the French. The French people of 1940 remembered the horror of WWI, it took place in their country, destroyed their countryside, and left millions of dead and wounded in her soil. The French that wanted to fight knew there was a better way. Those that collaborated did so out of fear or because they saw an opportunity.

    In the interest of full disclosure: I am an AMERICAN. No hyphen. Ethnically, I am mostly of Irish decent, with some Welsh, French (Canadian), First Nation (we say Native American or Indian in the United States, but the tribal affiliation was on the other side of the border to our north), and English mixed in. I am a Historian and a History teacher. I teach American history, warts and all.