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Tip of the Week: Sigma 3 Survival

These guys aren't as well known as some of the big names out there, but they have some really good content out on YouTube. They've got some great stuff on trapping, primitive skills, bush craft, camo, shelter building and modern scout/sniper stuff. Lots to watch and learn.

The video I've embedded above is Part 1 in an experiment that they put on to simulate a bug out to the woods and living off the land. Most of this first video is a "bag dump" of the lead instructor's bug out bag - which is pretty good - then some hunting, yo-yo trap fishing, trap setting, and so on. It's the beginning of winter/late fall, and the amount of food they're able to get in the subsequent videos is impressive. They're a bit long and there's a lot of talking, but there's quite a bit of good content.

The whole series is pretty interesting, and may make you rethink some of the "it's impossible to live off the land" that seems to be pretty common these days. The best plan for everyone? No. A viable backup plan for some? I think so.

Sigma 3 has a bunch of other good stuff up on their channel, so check it out if you are looking for some YouTubing. I've picked up some knowledge from them and I bet you will too.