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Open Thread: Black Friday Deals

You want my Tickle-Me-Elmos? Come and take them!
Black Friday is fast approaching, for good and bad. I'm not a fan of braving the lines and masses of fanatical, zombie-like deal hunters. BUT, there are some deals out there, for Christmas presents and preps alike. And with online retailers, there's no lines to fight and no need to drag yourself out of the house, still hung over from tryptophan.

This first I will direct you to is Amazon.com. They have some "pre"-Black Friday deals up now - here's their outdoor/camping stuff, Hunting/tactical stuff and optics. They also have a save $10 on a $50 purchase for Kershaw knives. I'm not seeing any "must have" deals at the moment, but there's some solid savings to be had.

And, of course, Amazon has some great deals on non preps - toys for the kiddies, electronics, books, movies, you name it. We're an Amazon Associate and get a percentage whenever you click on one of our links and buy something off Amazon. It costs you nadda, and there's no form you need to fill out - Amazon does it automatically. If you enjoy what we do here at T-Blog, it's not a bad way of saying thanks. The vast majority of proceeds go towards supporting T-Blog, picking up products for review, and so on, so your purchases help us provide a better quality of content here, too.

The banner ad above will take you to Amazon's general Black Friday ads portal, where they're running early deals right now, and will have up more deals on Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Right now, they're cycling through Lighting Deals - they've got the Lord of the Rings movies on discount later today - under $4 on Blu-Ray! Check out the full calender for movie and TV deals right here.

Big Box & Outdoors Stores
Here's a few of my picks for good deals from the ads I've scanned. If you're looking for a shotgun, there are several good deals out there.

  • Wal-Mart has a Savage/Arms Stevens 12-gauge Shotgun for $169.99 - 18.5 inch barrel and a pistol grip make it a good, budget friendly Home Defense scatter gun.
  • Big 5 has a Mossberg combo 28" hunting barrel and 18.5 in defense barrel for $259.99 - with an extended 8 shot capacity.
  • Bass Pro has a H&R Pardner Pump shotgun for $150 after in-store rebate.
  • Dick's has Buy-One-Get-One-50% off on ALL ammo. There's no limit posted in the ad, so you could potentially get some really good deals here...
  • Dick's has Remington 700 Varmints for $350 after rebate - with a scope! I think these come in .223, .243 and .308, which would make for a great budget hunting/long-range bolt gun.
  • Dick's also has Mossberg Mavericks for $159 and flat savings on ALL of their regular priced firearms.
  • Gander Mountain has the EAA Windicator snub-nose .357 for $279.99.
  • Gander also has 1000-rounds of Remington UMC 9mm for $199.99
  • Cabela's has Federal 525 round bricks of .22lr for $17.99, and a 500-round ammo can of Federal .223 for $159.99.
  • Cabela's has the best price on a 10/22 takedown rifle that I've seen - $279.99
  • Finally, Cabela's has $50 off Sig Sauer P250s; with the price on their website listed at $429.99, that brings you down to $379.99. Gander Mountain also has deals on the P250, but theirs comes with a laser and costs $399.99.
  • Most of the big box stores are also showing moderate discounts on Smith & Wesson M&Ps and XDs, if you're in the market.
For around $500, you could pick up a 12 gauge shotgun and a snub-nosed .357 revolver, which would be a pretty decent baseline for survival, hunting and home defense. Or a takedown 10/22 and over 5000 rounds of ammo for right around $450. Lots of good choices.

I'm sure most of the big online retailers will runs sales, too - I'm going to check out SKD Tactical for sure. 

Those are the deals I've been able to find - but I'm only one guy with limited time. If you've found some screaming good Black Friday deals you'd like to share with the tribe, let us know in the comments section!

Edited to Add: LA Police Gear is having hourly deals right here - some really good stuff, up to 65% off.