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Signature Apocalypse Weapons Contest Entries

Our first three entries in the photo contest! Yay! Want to enter? It's easy! Full details here. Remember, great prizes from Choate Machine & Tool, Vigilant Gear, Red Dirt Stock Works & Gunshop, Tom Bihn and me!

Enough blabbing, onto the entries!

From J.C.:
CZ 858 folding stock 7.62x39 with 7-30 rnd mags (pinned to 5 in Canada) 14 12 gauge slugs, 28 00 Buck, feeding a Maverick 88, and of course a trusty LMF II on my hip. Notice the zombie green earplugs and off in the distance a lone zombie waiting for a x39 lobotomy.

From Mike:
First of all, I’m not much of a “Tacticool” type of guy. I’d rather have something that looks ugly and works then have the latest gadget. It’s a little heavy of a load out but it works and will get me where I need to go.

Starting from the top:
1) Mossberg 500 with 24” ported barrel and elastic shell holder on butt stock. I’m a lefty and find the controls on a Mossberg easier to manipulate then a Remington 870.
2) Military style map case with minimal survival gear and spare ammo slung over shoulder.
3) USAF issue survival knife on belt. 4) Homemade walnut billy club with brass loaded head. For when they’re really close.
5) Keltec P11, tucked “Mexican Style” in pants.
6) Ruger Mark II 22/45, carried widow maker style. Very accurate, ammo is cheap, plentiful and should take care of 75% of issues that might arise.
7) Handcuff key, hidden in back of pants. You never know when you might need it.
8) Old tomahawk kept in belt for camp use and splitting skulls.
9) Carcano TS 6.5mm 1919 vintage. Family war trophy, slung over shoulder. Ammo is not as common and a lot of people knock it but it has proven itself over time.

In my pocket there would be a Leatherman Pulse, better then a SAK. I’d like to get a shotgun scabbard for the Carcano, maybe one I saw with a machete sheath and then replace the tomahawk too. Also a butt pack is in the future to replace the map case.

From A.M.:

Not seen is a web belt with a 5.11 ATAC 2 flashlight. My feeling is to conserve ammo, since it is limited, until I have to use it. I only have a quarter of my ammo here because this is for a hunting party. An axe in one hand and bat in the other with a mini sledge as the main backup. The ASPs I have been trained to use but are mainly for other people if I run in to unarmed person. I have a few long sleeve shirts where ever I go adding a layer of gorilla tape to my arms makes them bite and scratch proof. Happy hunting.

Springfield XDM 9mm
3 magazines of 19 rounds
500 rounds of extra ammo
Safariland level 1 holster

Blunt force trauma weapons:
Little league TPX bat 26 inches
2- 24 inch ASP
Taskforce 4 lb mini sled

Fiskars x15 axe
Puma original bowie with leather sheath 8 inch blade 15 overall inches

Gorilla tape