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Revolution Open Thread

Kind of a random episode; death of a major character by a carnie dog trainer seemed to accomplish little. Some backstory I found interesting...both for captured Mom and new British mom.

Favorite line was from carnie dog trainer about how he had prepared everything except for guns...which was a big mistake.

Most laughable moment was the groups inability to figure out how to deal with 4 attack dogs, despite having at least a crossbow and a bow with them. Shoot 'em, guys!

So far, there have not been oodles of survival insights to be gleaned, and quality is mixed. With The Walking Dead returning, I don't know if I will be continuing these open posts unless there's demand from the tribe.

What did you think about the episode? Still watching? Anything you picked up on?


  1. Love the concept of the show, HATE the delivery!! Watched 3 episodes figuring it would/could get better but no luck. The whole pirates of the carribean sword fighting thing kills me. Perfect TV show for the average person that knows nothing about guns, violence or survival.

  2. I agree the dog part was a little off. After living 15 years in a TEOTWAWKI environment, I would say the general of the most feared militia would be able to come up with something other than "RUN!". As far as why the British mom died. I would say it was to keep Miles from leaving.

  3. I gave it two episodes worth of watching. I'm done. J.J. would've done better in just optioning the Emberverse series from SM Stirling and rocking that whole story line. There was so much potential for Revolution and I'll lay odds it's going the way of Alcatraz.

  4. Gave up on it after three episodes. Waiting for the Walking Dead to return!



  6. As a follow up, you can catch the first 2 episodes for free on Hulu (http://www.hulu.com/#!search?q=last+resort).

    It is an interesting twist of a possible TEOTWAWKI scenario. Basically, a nuclear sub is at sea while back at home POTUS is under impeachment and several senior military officers (e.g., generals and admirals) are resigning claiming POTUS’ policies are putting America at risk. The sub gets a launch order through a back-up US Command Network and questions the order. The captain breaks radio silence and requests confirmation through the primary US Command Network and all hell breaks loose from there.

    I like the storyline from the point of view that it appears to be American against American. So far, it seems that there is a 5th column in the US Government trying to take advantage of the crisis (POTUS under impeachment and senior military officers resigning) and take control of the government. It seems that some US Government officials are trying to start a nuclear war with Pakistan to create a reason to take control of the government and US society. It’s different from the point of view in that it is not a foreign enemy that is being fought but a domestic enemy. Worth a watch.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.


  7. I'm still watching Revolution - it was alright I guess. Kid shoulda let that guy get his face and chest crushed though, no good deed goes unpunished.

  8. is it the best know is thier alot of flaws yes do i think its better than most things yes ill keep a eye on it who knows may get better with time . im just curious as to what logic could possibly power up a 15 year old i-phone unless it was the iphone that caused this whole black out ? makes sense hmmmm

  9. Alex....Drop the thread on Revolution. Bring on the Walking Dead!

  10. I sure had high hopes for this one but so far it sure is a real stinker. It just doesn't feel real at all. Oddly enough the Walking Dead, a show about zombies, feels more realistic. The concept of the show--electricity inexplicably not working--is a cool idea and a great premise. But horrible execution...sorry.

    This episode--with the stupid dogs--was just plain laughable. You see a bunch of mean dogs eating a deer carcass and what do you do? RUN!!! Clearly the writer has never had a dog, much less seen one in real life. Run away from any dog and it will start chasing you. Back away slowly and they would probably leave you alone--especially since they have a big deer they are protecting.

    And then what-his-name has utter mind control over them because he took that guy's whistle? That was as dumb as when Dr. Grant took the velociraptor voice bone and used it to magically talk to the dinosaurs. A dog isn't going to listen to someone he doesn't trust/respect...especially not someone he was just trying to eat. And how does what-his-face know what little song to play on the dog whistle to get the dogs to go away.

    And most of all they have bows, crossbows, and swords...and boots. Why would dogs scare them so bad? The guy is like the greatest swordsman ever to live apparently but gets scared of some dogs? Just lop the freakin' thing's head off!

    I can suspend my disbelief with things like electricity not working--thats fine, its TV and that is the premise of the show. But this show is filled with crap like this episode's dog stuff.

    1. I agree with the idea that they were a little to afraid of dogs, even big mean dogs. Yes, dogs can mess a person up but they had swords and weapons and the knowledge of how to use them. Instead of acting like the dogs prey and RUNNING make a stand and work slowly away from the dogs or just kill them. Whole thing just seemed dumb.

  11. jeepboy1991October 10, 2012

    Sigh.... so much potential, such a HORRIBLE delivery. Even for Holliwood.
    Like KingHoju, I had hopes. Makes me think of Star Trek the next generation, it took 2 or 3 years to get halfway good.
    I'll probably keep watching just because there isnt anything better on.
    DB, I'll check out Last Resort on your advice.
    Counting down to the Walking Dead preimer.

  12. What a stupid episode. Yes, she was a minor character that brought nothing to the show. Fine. Kill her off. But don't spend an hour developing a backstory so we can finally connect to her character and then give her a long, slow death. Heck, if you're going to that much trouble, keep her around and develop her into a real contribution to the plot.

    Revolution wasted my time this week. Keep up this level of writing and they won't get a 2nd season.

  13. I concur with what most are saying. At first I was excited about this show coming to air, and then I had a weird feeling it was going to go to crap when I saw the preview and it showed that it went from blackout to 15yrs ahead. Almost reminded me of that Terra Nova with it's flashback moments of how they got there.
    Want a good show..show me the transition from blackout to the 15yrs ahead. How did people group, what were the divisions, how did the government fall, how does she get make-up and perfect haircuts...and did people yell "Molon Labe" at the government. Unlike the Walking Dead, which follows Rick from the waking of a coma, this format does not work. Seems like even in make believe somethings are just too unrealistic to fathom. The Walking Dead takes the same style with Rick waking up after the outbreak and showing some flashbacks to link together the reasons why, however The Walking Dead keeps the characters dirty, vulgar, and most important, believable; And that to me would make me watch even if they just go around killing zombies all day!
    I have watched 2 episodes so far and yes I will probably watch several more since there's nothing else really good on around that time slot. Well I guess I can't argue...it's better than NBC airing another type show like Real HouseHoes, Honey HOO HOO, Another Teenage Girl Pregnant, or my favorite, another weight loss show....

    -THE JJ

  14. my post keeps disappearing-----ill try again

    i do see deeper lines....the only medically trained member dies

    she had a surgery/stitch kit in her limited "go bag"

    a Joe "anybody" was talked thru how to do the not insignificant procedure----and he did it

    the dogs were well fed and well trained---maybe the carnie was smarter than the average zombie?---just got greedy?

    yes this perhaps isnt as good as Lost started and there is no jennifer garner---yet if art depicts life depicts art---then this may be a good start---at least im interested in how the "others" perceive the presentation----will keep watching!

  15. The anti gun thing sort of bothers me. Not that tyrannical organizations wouldn't try, just that it is America. My experiences are limited but that wouldn't fly anywhere I have lived. People truly underestimate the amount of guns in the hands of normal everyday folks.

    As to the specific episode. I found that the dude who fought like a dozen trained soldiers with swords and cross bow chick couldn't figure out a plan to deal with the dogs confusing. Go up to the roof and shoot them with the bow and cross bow. Seriously kind of lame.

    The power thing is sorta gimmicky. That some USB drive/ amulet will power batteries that have been dead forever seems suspect. Kind of SM Sterling Dies the Fire like.

    Anyway I am still watching but wouldn't be surprised if it's a 1 season show.

  16. I looked forward to this show all freakin' summer. I was definitely expecting more in terms of plot and realism. The concept is fantastic, the writing and execution is significantly lacking. They all have great hair, nice clothes, most of the men are clean shaven, and the aspects of survival without electricity are barely even presented. The characters do not seem well constructed and the premise of them tracking down a brother/unknown nephew from an armed militia is a bit far fetched. If they had simply told stories of people following the blackout and intertwined the stories it could have been a blockbuster hit. I just hope someone else sees the flaws in this and does it right. Who knows though, maybe the government made them change the storyline to prevent people from contemplating a major societal collapse during election season.

  17. Premise of the show: electricity goes off, worldwide. Technology useless. Plausible? Well, it's POSSIBLE, but highly unlikely.

    Problems I had with the show: NO BACKSTORY. One day, everything's fine. Then POOF! Power's out and won't come back on. Everything's nonfunctional. Then, POOF! Here we are, 15 years later. Well, what happened during those 15 years?

    Also: if we are to assume that there was some great culling after technology crashed, then we have to believe that folks are growing their own food. Soooo, why are there fat people? Especially Google guy. You'd think after 15 years of living on vegetables and lean meats, almost no refined sugar and working all day, he would've slimmed down by now...

    New clothes: 15 years on, and everyone is running around in almost new clothing? Did they all hit the mall right before they started shooting episodes? Where's the homespun? Where's the mocs?

    Everyone is WAAAY too clean. And everyone has bright, straight, shiny teeth... and ALL their teeth!

    Are we to understand that, after 15 years without technology, NOBODY has figured out a way to retro-engineer a steam engine? There's books on how to build the danged things in every library in the US... if the Brits could build a steam locomotive in 1804 by hand, from scratch, and the Americans building theirs 26 years later in 1830, also by hand from scratch, you would think that at least ONE smart guy could cobble together a crude working steam engine just from the junk laying around... steam engine + machinist + tool and die maker + scrap metal = lathe, mill, etc. Which equals STUFF...

    Meh, I've gone on long enough...

    Show was a good idea spoiled by poor execution and lack of attention to detail... it's leaving skid marks on the bowl, and I'll be glad when it's gone.

    Bring on THE WALKING DEAD!!