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Signature Weapons Contest Updates & New Entries

Couple quick questions that have come up about the contest:

Can I enter multiple times?
No, I'm limiting this contest to one entry each. Pick your favorite gear!

Is should the photo show just one person's stuff or a whole group/family's stuff?
Just one person's stuff. If your photo happens to have other people's stuff in it, I won't disqualify you, but it won't help you when judging rolls around.

If you've got any more questions, let me know.

Remember, great prizes from Choate Machine & Tool, Vigilant Gear, Tom Bihn and Red Dirt Stock Works and us here at T-Blog are up for grabs!

Full rules and prize run down here.

Now onto new entries!

From Jimi:

"Heyho. Since I am an European resident in a country where gunownership is regulated by strict law and are not easy to come by, i wanted to have something small and maintenance free. Enter the crowbar. It's a relatively small one. I taped the bar with some bicycle handlebar tape, which i had lying around, to get a better grip. It'll make an excellent spare key and zombieskull cracker… :) For a more delicate work i have the wonderful Gerber LMF.  On my belt is a small human repellent pepperspray. these are my "weapons".  Shemagh, bandana, gloves and a cap complete my teotwawki grab-and-go-outfit. I keep all that in a small duffle bag. together with a gps unit, gerber diesel multitool, binoculars flashlight and a canteen."

From JDH:

This is my oh my god I have to get out of here loadout. Pictured are:

Romanian wasr-10 ak47 with 5 30 rd mags each mag is loaded alternatively with fmj and hollow point rounds for long distance and heavy stopping power with scope set for 50 yds and 120 lumen mounted flashlight

Jennings 9mm with 2 12 rd mags for closer combat loaded with hornady zombie z-max and digital camo holster

Lightweight aluminum baseball bat for extremely close range and ammo conservation

Mason jar with liquid measurements up to a cup for cooking, baby food jar emergency pocket survival kit (teacandle,razor,wire,cord,matches,compass,20lbs test fishing line with hook and sinker)

Flashlight with built in magnet for night time

Full woodland camo outfit (bdu pants,shirt,patrol cap, vest with attached survival knife and machette) and military issued combat boots

From D:

When aliens arrive on the planet it has been theorized there immune systems won't be able to withstand the viruses here on earth. After immediately become infected their huge noggins and frail little green bodies will prove more resilient than they look and the virus won't completely kill them. It will however inevitably turn them into hungry little green zombies.  It is for this contingency I have prepared . . . 

There is a 20" barrel, 8 shot, 12 gauge, Mossberg 500 riding stealth mode on my back.  The machete, I got in Brazil.  Its a full tang 2" wide 13" long 2.5 mm thick blade that is full thickness until the slight hallow grind near the edge.  Perfect for hacking little green alien limbs or for opening the can of CMMG Tactical Bacon zip tied to my belt.  This is an easy two step meal as the instructions on the can read " Open can . . . . . Receive bacon." Also put the bacon on any other horrible thing you may have to eat and yes, it will be delicious.   My comms unit is a white and light blue J2457/J2458 Fisher Price baby monitor for intercepting Alien communications.   I have a Princeton Tec Apex Pro on my head and a Benchmade 915 Triage clipped on my Pocket.  For stealth I plan on putting mud all over me to prevent them from seeing me with their thermal vision.  I improvised my signature end of the world alien zombie weapon.  On my shoulder is an aged hickory axe handle with a railroad spike lashed to it I call the IRON HORSE. 

The last weapon shown is myself.   I am confident with our opposable thumbs and our ability to prepare and improvise that what ever disaster comes be it man made, natural, or super natural we can overcome.  Happy Zombie Huntn. . .