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Contest Prize Update & Photos!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the first batch of entries in the TEOTWAWKI weaponry contest!

Excited to add an awesome prize from Vigilant Gear, TEOTWAWKI blog advertiser and one stop shop for survival kit gear. They're giving away an urban E&E kit, containing:
  • 135lb Kevlar Cord - 20ft
  • 2-Pack Handcuff Shims
  • Bogota Stainless Lock Pick Set
  • 2-Pack Universal Handcuff Key
  • Ceramic Razor Blade
  • SERE V Cutter
  • Diamond Wire Blade
  • Folding Razor Saw (FRS)
  • 10MM Button Compass
  • Polymer Knife
  • SAR Eclipse Signal System/B
Top quality gear there, my friends. A retail value of $105! All of the above gear is available on Vigilant Gear's website if you want to oogle or buy. I carry Bogota picks and a SAR Eclipse with me every day.

Choate Machine & Tool is including a set of zombie camo furniture (stock, grip, forend)--I'm going to call it ZombiCam--which, as you can see in the picture below, is pretty dang cool. Perfect for monster hunting. Click the image for a larger view.

And here's the nice first aid kit that Red Dirt Stock Works & Gun Shop is offering - winner's choice of packed in a Maxpedition bag or lady-friendly decorative bag.

I'm building pocket survival kits for winner and runner up - when they're done, I'll be sure to share.

A bunch of great prizes up for grabs, so what are you waiting for? Get out those cameras, weaponry of choice and crank the artistic skills to the max! Read the whole rules/instructions.