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Open Thread: Revolution

I only had time to catch the first 10 or so minutes of the episode, so I will update with my thoughts later tonight. I did notice that they may have added a blip to the open credits that explains the confiscation of firearms--note how only certain "higher ups" in the militia are allowed to have modern firearms - the rest have muskets and/or fairly cool swords/knives.

In the last comment thread, there are many griping about the lack of realism in the show. I personally never go into anything made by Hollywood expecting a ton of realism, and I don't need it to enjoy something. I will agree that the costumes/makeup need some improvement; things are too clean, polished looking for a world without regular showers, makeup and laundry. We've been spoiled by the Walking Dead, I think, which gets a lot of (most?) things exactly right.

Anyways, here's your place to discuss, gripes, reviews, lessons or whatever--enjoy!


Most laughable moment:  iPhone turning on after 15 years, then lamely shorting out like a TV when the magic amulet/USB drive stopped working.

Best Line:
"Well if you have a better idea..."
"Its easy to have a better idea than that because that idea is awful."

Scenes I Liked:
  • Sniper holding back the militia forces and Jacob from Lost (commander character) absently throwing his men away to waste bullets.
  • Uncle Miles gunning down the two robbers in flashback.
Unfortunately, most of the characters are pretty boring (short shirt girl, brother, British mom), which drags the show. Great shows need great characters to keep you coming back; I know we're only a few episodes in, but the majority of the characters are pretty forgettable. The writers may be working on this, as the cast has been expanding over the past few episodes with more interesting characters (Jacob from Lost is better than either of the major villains we've seen so far).

I get the impression that there are some on the show that "get" the post apocalyse thing, and many who don't. iPhone working after 15 years, the frequent straight-from-Eddy-Bauer wardrobe, etc. There is good--some good lines, a few characters developing into something interesting, some good dystopian long shots, and it's proudly pro-2nd Amendment--so I'm hopeful.