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Open Thread: Revolution

I only had time to catch the first 10 or so minutes of the episode, so I will update with my thoughts later tonight. I did notice that they may have added a blip to the open credits that explains the confiscation of firearms--note how only certain "higher ups" in the militia are allowed to have modern firearms - the rest have muskets and/or fairly cool swords/knives.

In the last comment thread, there are many griping about the lack of realism in the show. I personally never go into anything made by Hollywood expecting a ton of realism, and I don't need it to enjoy something. I will agree that the costumes/makeup need some improvement; things are too clean, polished looking for a world without regular showers, makeup and laundry. We've been spoiled by the Walking Dead, I think, which gets a lot of (most?) things exactly right.

Anyways, here's your place to discuss, gripes, reviews, lessons or whatever--enjoy!


Most laughable moment:  iPhone turning on after 15 years, then lamely shorting out like a TV when the magic amulet/USB drive stopped working.

Best Line:
"Well if you have a better idea..."
"Its easy to have a better idea than that because that idea is awful."

Scenes I Liked:
  • Sniper holding back the militia forces and Jacob from Lost (commander character) absently throwing his men away to waste bullets.
  • Uncle Miles gunning down the two robbers in flashback.
Unfortunately, most of the characters are pretty boring (short shirt girl, brother, British mom), which drags the show. Great shows need great characters to keep you coming back; I know we're only a few episodes in, but the majority of the characters are pretty forgettable. The writers may be working on this, as the cast has been expanding over the past few episodes with more interesting characters (Jacob from Lost is better than either of the major villains we've seen so far).

I get the impression that there are some on the show that "get" the post apocalyse thing, and many who don't. iPhone working after 15 years, the frequent straight-from-Eddy-Bauer wardrobe, etc. There is good--some good lines, a few characters developing into something interesting, some good dystopian long shots, and it's proudly pro-2nd Amendment--so I'm hopeful.


  1. The revelation of just how involved 'Uncle' was in the militia was anti-clamactic. The lone sniper holding off a group of attackers for hours was laughable.

    But still - interesting show. I'm still planning on watching it.

    1. Why was the sniper standoff laughable? Snipers are one of the most effective ways of stopping/slowing an advancing force...

    2. jeepboy1991October 02, 2012

      Ok, continuing my comments from the earlier thread.(Long post coming) There are things that are so very wrong in this show and things that it seems they at least TRIED to get right. In this PAW, electricity does not work (plot device, but a given for the scenario). Accept that using your willing suspension of disbelief(TV show). Without electricity, transportation is feet, bicycle, and eventually horseback(as horses become more available but only a few will have them even 15 years later). Someone among the writers apparently saw "The Road Warrior" and understood that without a tech base, cartridges and smokeless powder are now artifacts which cannot really be produced.Black powder and primers/percussion caps can be made in this new world. Early cartridge cases (1855-1873) were mostly copper and non reloadable, after that brass began to be used but brass cases require stamping and drawing machinery(which can be steam powered)Handgun cases can be reloaded a very large number of times before they begin to fail compared to rifle cases which will fail after a dozen or so loadings. Modern rifle calibers(.30 cal and larger) reloaded with black powder and cast lead bullets (as opposed to jacketed bullets)will work after a fashion until your brass cases wear out. Then your rifle becomes a ill-shaped club. Artifact "modern" ammo is thus very valuable and after 15 years will become scarce.(DB commented on the previous thread that there is far too much ammo and weapons around in america for it to run out in only 15 years, he may be right, I do not disagree but eventually it would happen. Plus, the Monroe"republic" (spit) has been consficating guns and ammo for a long time.

    3. jeepboy1991October 02, 2012

      Modern plastic shotgun shells loaded with black powder will "burn through" and fail after a dozen or so loadings( I do cowboy action shooting and KNOW this from personal experience. Black powder burns hotter than smokless)
      Blacksmithing would have to make a comeback in such a world, even if self taught. There are books around and SOMEONE would think to gather up books. Making muzzleloading rifles is really not that hard if you know blacksmithing and is sustanable technology in this world.Breechloaders like the sharps require machineing(again, can be done with steam power) Having to scrounge for "antiques" tho...stupid line and really bad plot device. It does let the props department use springfield rifle muskets from the various civil war movies.
      The rate of fire for the musket armed soldiers was WAYYYY too fast. Civil war standard was 4 shots a minute.(and that was considered rapid fire rate)
      Swords require blacksmithing and there are plenty of car leaf springs to make blades from and coil springs can be forged into blades as well.
      crossbows have a lot of hitting power but a slow rate of fire. Compound crossbows eat bowstrings at a high rate but they"look cool" for the audience.
      Bows,at the expense of bulky ammo, can match the rate of fire of a bolt action rifle. The big advantage of guns over bows is it is much easier to learn to use a gun than to use a bow.Plus guns, even crude matchlocks, hit much harder than bows.Bows really kill by causing the target to bleed to death. The english longbowman had to train a lot to get good.

    4. jeepboy1991October 02, 2012

      Continuing some more,
      Sniper vs attacking force, he was told to drop anyone who got within 10 yards.STUPID LINE!!!! scoped rifle vs muzzleloaders has a significant range advantage. USE IT! engage at maximum visual range!
      The actual fight scene was better than the lines implied. The "officer" using up men to run the sniper out of ammo.....DUMB!!! bad plot device! That kind of thing would get the "officer" FRAGGED! Enlisted men are not dumb. Hollywood cannot seem to get it.(aside, HW has the same problem in other shows, Falling skies comes to mind,as does Avatar)

      Another thing, the improvised explosives seem to be really powerful. Way too powerful, a small daypack takes out the roadbed of a roadway bridge? If you can make stuff that powerful, make land mines and devastate the soldiers while they are marching.

      The usb drive/alien necklace somehow controlling the use of electricity, makes me think that the stoppage of electricity was somehow a man-caused thing. I am curious as to how that will work out in the show.
      All in all, I will continue to watch it, it has potential even with all the things it gets wrong. Plus it is better than 99% of the tv shows out there(even if that is not saying much)

    5. Anon here - what made me laugh was that the militia tactic was keep on sending someone ONE BY ONE to get picked off and not trying something different. One sniper - hey, lets try sending 4 or 5 people simultaneusly and . . . oh never mind, you there, long hair and the beard - you're next! Classic!

    6. There is only one plausible excuse for the stupidity of muskets in this craptacular series. Taking a lesson from history, when the first Gulf War (the Mother of all Wars) broke out Saddam Hussein armed the populace with a means of resistance to be used against the invading troops. Fearing that his people might use the weapons he provided to them to rise up against him, he gave them only rudimentary weapons such as dart guns, a small versions of a bow and arrows, mace like object, etc. They could kill you, theoretically, but were more likely to cause injury than death. So we could argue that the stupidity of muskets is to ensure that any attempted uprising could easily be crushed by Monroe with weapons far more superior than a musket. Thus the soldiers are less likely to defect, form their own militia, rise up against Monroe or even disobey orders. This is the ONLY plausible reason for muskets being used and it is still a reach!


  2. I agree that if you think Hollywood is going to make something as big as TEOTWAWKI really real, you shouldn't be watching tv of all things lol, especially on NBC. But if you get in the right mindset, you'll probably enjoy it a lot more. It's kinda like nitpicking The Avengers? Why bother it's a huge Hollywood Super hero blockbuster, there's going to be holes everywhere.

  3. Did you catch the alias given by the Uncle? He introduced himself as Stu Redman and his niece as Frannie. These were Stephen King's main characters in "The Stand", another apocalyptic story.

    1. I did actually...LOL....I'm a big fan of Stephen King. Speaking of which, they figured out how to turn back on the power in "The Stand". Why can't they figure it out in THIS show. Seems silly. Power systems can be made from scratch as well. The wide-spread use of electricity is very modern. Surely we have not forgotten how to produce it.

  4. JinxedSydneyOctober 02, 2012

    Blech...had a hard time getting past the girl with the tight fitting pants and bright blue shirt that was obviously too short (but they obviously are trying for eye candy). Also, ninja-black belt Uncle was a bit of a stretch.

    I'll give it another try.

  5. Heard NBC was canceling Revolution and putting up a new show in the same genre about a man and a boy trying to escape the mean streets of Hollywood after all the make-up, hair care and fashion boutiques implode. The show will be called, "The Street". Here is the trailer, “How does a metrosexual man and his effeminate boy escape Tinsel Town after a disaster wipes out the fashion, beauty and hair care industries? What happens to society when there is no hair spray, eyeliner or 3” heels to be purchased? Who will take control of the double, non-fat, extra hot latte supply left in the city? Watch as the father desperately tries to escape with his son to an unaffected part of the country called, Beverly Hills. Will this mystical land called Beverly Hills provide salvation, or ruin……..does it even exist. Watch and find out”

    Can't wait. It has to better than this yawn fest.

  6. Even if we are to come up with a plausible reason for them using the muskets, I'm still trying to figure out where they all came from. I've been to a lot of gun shows and gun shops over the years and don't recall ever seeing one anywhere other than in Hollywood movies. So where was this ancient civil war arsenal that contained thousands of operational antique firearms? I'm two episodes in and am going to watch the 3rd cause it's on my TIVO, but unless they miraculously come up with some good answers I don't expect to make it to episode #4.


  7. The problem that I have with the show that hasn't been mentioned is the knuckleduster sword hilts. I am not an expert but has to be a reason that no real sword that I can think of has ever had a hilt of this type.

    1. They're hard to make is one big reason Lots of swords and knives of older times have knuckle/hand guards, which do about the same thing. But brass-knuckles like hilt would be pretty difficult to make for a sword maker working with a coal-fired forged. Not exactly a simple design.