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Reader Question: Starting w/ a family of 6

Here's a comment that came in on my post from last week about premade survival kits (not a fan). Wanted to pass it along to the tribe.

So just what would you gentleman suggest go into a kit for a family of 6? I have 4 kids 10 f, 6 m, 5 m, & 1 f. Hubby works out of state mon - fri. And I live in small town hell. My kids are accident prone so I have a montster first aid kit and we camp so I have some general camping gear but i am otherwise at a loss... Help please?

- Munchkin Momma

A few quick thoughts. 

  • Get a firearm and some training. With papa bear far away, Momma is going to have to deal with any goblins on her own. 
  • Food storage and several means to cook it. Propane camp stove, wood stove, firepit in the backyard, solar oven, etc. Keep some of it in a big bin that can be tossed in the back of the SUV/van if needed in a hurry. Shoot for two weeks worth of food and then go from there.
  • Store some water. With 6 people, I'd shoot for around 80 gallons of water, 40 if you're crunched for space. More is better.
  • Flashlights, headlamps and extra batteries
  • Some emergency candles - check out our DIY instructional if you're crafty.
  • Make sure each kid has a decent sleeping bag.
  • Store some extra gasoline.
  • Figure out if you have friends/family in the region who you could use as a fallback point if your home was compromised. Discuss this with them, and make sure you & husband have everything clearly planned out in case communications are out.
What are your ideas/thoughts/suggestions?