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Tip of the Week: The Power Slide

Just kidding...probably don't want to try this with your daily driver. And I'd recommend fewer donuts during a bug out from SFO...

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  1. DiabloLocoJuly 13, 2012

    Well....Not many people can afford a half million dollar Ford Fiesta, but the video does exemplify the need to REALLY know your vehicle. What are it's limits? Do you really have the skills AND the balls to push your vehicle to it's limits in a "do or die" situation without killing yourself in the process?

    I live in a colder climate, where power-slides and donuts are often forced upon you when you least expect it. It pays to practice those skills. Have fun every once in a while. Find an empty parking lot and try to do a power-slide or some donuts. Get your car out of control on purpose (in such a controlled environment) and practice pulling yourself out of it.

    Just as with shooting and tactical skills, your training will come out without much thought when it's all on the line. It becomes second nature. So....Push yourself every once in a while. I mean.....why not? It's so fun!!!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    That was AWESOME!!! No zombies would be safe if you could drive like that.

  3. Not even Mad Max could catch you. Suddenly I really want a Monster. Weird.

  4. Here in the general Northern VA area, there is an annual influx of new gov't-workers and embassy-folks who have never even SEEN snow and ice on the roads, much less driven on them. There are LOTS of avoidable disasters, every year.

    Back in much-less PC/nanny state days (1968 in NYC), my HS Driver Education teacher used to recommend winter weekend trips out to Jones Beach State Park, on Long Island, which had an open parking lot about the size of some smaller towns, to learn about skidding and sliding on nearly-frictionless surfaces, and how to keep in control when you do.
    The practice saved my butt a few times. YMMV.