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Anyone watching Falling Skies?

Noah Wylie looking tired and beardy.
After last season's lame second arc and jaw droppingly bad cliffhanger ending, I was about done with Falling Skies. But, second season rolls around--there's a new show runner and some hope for redemption. So I tuned into the season opener and was pleasantly surprised with the turnaround. While Falling Skies is not Walking Dead good, this season is turning out to be some pretty decent television. 
Anyone else watching? If not, you can stream the episodes free-of-charge right here.


  1. I watch it. I just got in this season.

    I am excited to watch Revolution coming out in the fall. It is about the world without electricity!

  2. Good post. You are right on! Season 2 is looking up.

  3. AnonymousJuly 10, 2012

    I am! Season 2 is much better!

  4. AnonymousJuly 11, 2012

    Im watching! Have been since last season, which was pretty lame, this season though has some good twists and turns. I'd give it a solid C+ to B-.

  5. It's better than the first season. (Where are they finding all of the ammo?)

  6. AnonymousJuly 11, 2012

    yea, where are they getting all the mil-spec soviet weapons from?

    1. AKs are fairly common in the US, but probably not in the Boston area...

    2. I think it may be the RPGs that are all over the place.

    3. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

      even the semi-auto ak's are illegal to own in MA, and actual full auto ak's are actually pretty rare in the USA.
      The semi auto ak's are pretty common here in Texas and I happen to know what is involved in converting one to full auto.(read the book on the process back in the 1980's) It is a full out machine shop job and you need 5 parts from an actual full auto parts set to do it. NOT something you can do on a kitchen table with a hand file (as hollywood always thinks) just a pet peeve of mine
      /rant off
      I have seen WAY too many rpg launchers and rpg warheads on the show since they have NEVER been legal to import to the usa.
      Just my 2 cents worth

    4. Ya, select-fire AKs are no so common in the U.S., let alone RPGs. They would d have access to scavenged military and LEO gear though...so I guess you'd expect to see more M4s, MP5s and the like. BUT it's Hollywood, so I'm just happy there's no anti-gun rights slant. Heck, they've got a 12 y/o sleeping with an M1 Carbine.

      And people have been making full auto AKs in mud huts for decades now, so I dunno how full/modern of a machine shop they'd need. Certainly not out of the capability of a quasi-military resistance force.

    5. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

      I know about the weapon makers of pakistan, hell the British thought about buying lee-enfield copies from them in the early days of ww2 when they were desperate for weapons. But what I meant was the process of converting a semiauto to full auto requires a welder, a milling machine and a heat treatment process(which can be done... crudely... with a gas torch)
      to get BATF approval for import, the semi AK design was modified to make it really difficult (not impossible but hard)to convert. The most difficult part is the hole in the reciever for the autosear pin. If it is out of position by one half of a millimeter, gun does not work. I just would be happier if there were more LAW's rockets and M79 or M203 grenade launchers instead of all the warsaw pact weapons
      I know, I know, I'm nitpicking. I even nitpick movies and shows that I LIKE.
      I did like the m1 carbine for the kid, a LOT of m1/m2 carbines were given to police departments when they were replaced by the m14 and later the m16 in the military. I know from a retired cop here in Austin, TX that the APD got a BUNCH of them after the Charles Whitman/UT tower sniper incident in 1966.
      My other pet peeve is the number of guys carring linked belts of 7.62x51 bandoleer style(it looks cool but the links get kinked and will jam when used) but never see them paired with someone carring a beltfed weapon (specfic example, the guy who went with Pope is STILL carring a belt of ammo)
      I watch the show because it is better than most of the drek on tv but that is not saying all that much. At least Warehouse 13 starts up again next week.(it's silly as hell but fun to watch, just don't take it seriously)
      now all I need to do is figure how to give myself a screen name so I dont need to be Anonymous all the time :-)

    6. Holliwood seems to love Warsaw pact hardware ... or they have just too many of them in their mock weapons store-house.

      The Hero have a AK-47 to make him distinctive for some reason, but more US Hardware would indeed make much more sense.

  7. Hound DogJuly 11, 2012

    I'm watching but I came upon it late last season.

  8. I watch very little television, but I really enjoy Falling Skies.

  9. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    All, please allow me to be the voice of reason here. Yes, we are all having withdrawals…horrible, painful withdrawals waiting for the next season of the Walking Dead and that makes us all vulnerable and desperate. However, little has changed on Failing Skies and you need to look through the pain and gloom to see the truth. I watched one episode and realized this was the same sad, ridiculous crap as before. The episode I saw had a woman land a plane with a plan to connect all the scattered masses and bring them all to North Carolina for an "Up with People" rally. If I understand this, a small airplane can "evade skitter radar" because it’s built with wood, wire and nylon?!?!?!? And while it would show up on human radar the advanced beings cannot seem to find or adjust the UHF dial to be able to see a small plan?!?!?!? If this was the case, why weren’t we using these during the initial battle? Oh, and this “magical plan” is being used to send the "good word" to every human being along the east coast then to Greenland, Iceland and Europe?!?!?! Thank god everyone speaks English in this fantasy world. By the way where is Amelia Earhart getting the gas for the magic plane and how is she navigating, especially at night with no lights, radar, ground beacons, control towers, etc. to help guide her? This crap is as stupid and poorly written as before. Fantasy still reigns supreme with the writers ("hey let's have the kids hunt skitters with a special round that turns a rifle into a combination howitzer and flame thrower. Not only would that be cool but we could add the stupidity of that to the magic plan and make the series even better”). Who the hell thinks up this crap? Who is advising these idiots? I still fail to feel as if the actors are being hunted, outmanned, outgunned, out of food, out of hope, etc. Long and short, this show is candy for the lazy, uninformed and woefully ignorant.

    I cannot wait for Pope or whatever the idiot bread baker/ammo maker/explosives expert/biker goon/criminal/jack-of-all-trades to create the nuclear bullet. I can just see it now: “(Pope)-Finally a nuclear bomb the size of a bullet that can take down an entire skitter base. (Idiot Mason with jaw agape)-Nuclear bullet?!?!?!? (Pope)-Why yes, I was working on a plan for this when I was doing time in San Quentin for shooting a family of 5 dead during a botched home invasion. It just came to me that if I could only find the plutonium I could make a special bullet with it. (Idiot Mason)- Dude, no way. No way dude. No way! (Pope)-Of course I can do it and having found the plutonium at an abandoned nuclear plant, I was able to realize my dream.” (Idiot Mason)-But how did you get the plutonium out safely? (Pope)-What? I used to work in a nuclear power plant as a janitor and played with the containment controls afterhours when everyone was gone. (Idiot Mason with jaw agape)-oh, ok. But how did you make the bullet without getting sick? (Pope)-I also made contamination suits on the side so I had a couple in the saddlebag of my bike. (Idiot Mason with jaw agape)-D U D E, N O WAY! (Pope)-W A Y! (Idiot Mason with jaw agape)-D U D E, N O WAY! (Pope)-Come on. I made those cool rounds out of alien metal that I smelted and poured into bullet molds that I made on the side while waiting for my bread dough to rise. (Idiot Mason)- But how do we handle the bullet without contaminating ourselves? (Pope)-Oh, I coated it with a special radiation-proof Teflon coating I found while hunting skitters with those howitzer-flamethrower rounds I made. (Idiot Mason with jaw agape)-This just might work! (Pope)-Yeah, but I could only make one nuclear bullet so we have to use it wisely. (Idiot Mason)-Oh ok, for safe keeping I will ask my son who was captured by the skitters and still has the spikes in his back to hold on to it until we need it. (Pope)-That is a great idea."

    Just wait crap like the aforementioned and worse is yet to come.


  10. I just started watching the show this season and I like it. It's not going to win any awards but it's a fun show and since I'm interested in this type of show it is worth watching. Yes some very unbelievable stuff but over all I'm enjoying.

  11. WOLVERINES!!!July 17, 2012

    This is the only TV show I watch all week. Who has time for TV when you have a job, homestead, and prepping to do?!? Not to mention hitting a few news and/or prepping sites. To be honest, it has a feel like a cross of the newer "V" series and the 3rd Robotech cartoon series.