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Random & What have you been up to this week?

Been a busy week 'round here, but I'm happy with how things are balancing out with new job, family, blog and so on. I hope you guys and gals don't feel neglected - I try my best to squeeze in some time every day. Apologies to any e-mails or comments that I've been slow to respond to.

We've signed a new blog sponsor that I'm pretty excited about...actually really excited about. Should have the announcement up next week. Stay tuned.

Good news--after a few months of healing up post-shoulder surgery, Randy Church is back at the forge and anvil. Randy is a great knife/chopper smith and a good friend of the blog. He's got some new stuff in the works that I'm looking forward to checking out, and he's also got a few very cool "Injun" style blade/sheath combos on sale at the moment. 

TEOTWAWKI Wife has been getting into canning - a first for our family - she's planning a batch of tomato sauce for tomorrow. We've already gone through two jars of delish homemade salsa. The garden is kicking out a lot of tomatoes lately. 

I got my pickup fixed, and, good news, it was not a $1800 transmission job, but a bad speed sensor - $125. Very nice. If I can get some other things done tomorrow, I might do some further maintenance on the truck--think it's about time for a new fuel filter, etc.

Also finally took delivery of a Kifaru Longhunter, literally about an hour ago. Kifaru is some expensive stuff, even secondhand, but I found a good deal on a nice condition used model in the right color/size combo and took the plunge. I'm going to get it loaded up and adjusted after it hit "post," but initial assessment is good. The packbag is a bit meh/boring - basically a big drawstring bag - but the frame is impressive and what you really spend the money for. Very comfortable and functional. And yes, a dramatic improvement over the $60 Teton Scout--a good thing! I'll post more in the near future...probably going to order up some things from the guys at Hill People Gear too. 

That's my story for the week...what about you guys? What are you working on?


  1. Practiced getting in and out of my bedroom window in a speedy fashion. I'm doing (having most it done for me actually) a bunch of work on my house and while the flooring guys were working the only way in and out of my bedroom was the window.

    My first try took me about 45 seconds, I'm down to about 15 seconds now. Glad I practiced.

    1. Having to climb out your bedroom window to get a midnight snack is a pain in the ass. But, good training! I'll be able to walk on the floors in the morning.

  2. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    Glad the truck wasn't as bad off as originally feared. Wish I could get my wife in canning, zero interest. She's a trooper in a number of other ways, but I'm eating Hunts tomatos at TEOTW, or not at all. Have a great weekend all.

  3. AnonymousJuly 13, 2012

    Got the wife to understand prepping and she has taken off with vacuum sealing. Got my kydex sheath/holster workshop set up with my first order of kydex in. Tomorrow i get to picj up my first 45.

  4. actually have three guns projects going right now, a sterling at about 98% done, a PPS 43 at about 30% and another AK47 at about 50%. we went north and fored some rounds and I have been trying to practice suturing with a plane old needle and thread and a hemostat, just for practice. ordered a little more medical stuff and I'm tired now.

  5. I bought 6 lbs. of Calcium Hypochlorite for treating water or making Bleach if needed. This is just a start I plan to buy a little bit more. I picked up 3x 15 round magazines for my AR-7, this was the first time I had seen a magazine larger than 7 rounds. I picked up a couple of small butane pencil torches for 2.99 from Tractor Supply Clearance table. I thought for $3 I can toss one in each Get Home Bag in the vehicles. We also bought a few extras to store in the food closet like boxed salt, 20 more lbs of rice, couple of Sams Club large boxes of saltines, macaroni and cheese, 48 gallons worth of tea bags, and extra soap and personal items for cleanliness. My younger brother and I practiced some pistol shooting also. It has been a good prepper week for me. Oh I can't forget the vegetables out of my garden I put up this week and finished prepping my fall garden spot today. :)

    1. Make sure to test the 15 round magazines for reliability, especially if they are aftermarket!