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PSK Contest Update

The last few entries in the contest - all received prior to the deadline - are in the queue for posting today and tomorrow.

Friday, we're going to have a look back at the contest, some takeaways and fun stuff that we saw. Over the weekend, we'll be selecting the winners, with the big announcement on Monday.

As with past contests, winners will be selected based on things like the quality of the photograph, creativity and of course, equipment selected for the kit.


  1. Are you going to edit each post with ideas like you did for the first couple?

    These posts will probably get referenced a fair amount in the future and it would be handy to have the critiques in-line with the kits.

    1. Due to the volume of entries, I will probably do a short series of posts on my thoughts behind packing a PSK. The advice would apply across kits.

    2. It's pretty cool that you got so many of them!