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Pocket Survival Kit Contest Entry #31

From AW: I was wondering when we'd get our first firearm in the mix - took a while! It also manages to get a collapsible baton, too. While a larger kit, this does somehow fit inside a shirt pocket - the JA-22 is very small!

From GodfatherJs:

My everyday carry usually involves a set of BDU's that I wear for my position in the Fire/Rescue/Haz-Mat/EMS profession. So my actual everyday carry is much more robust than my submission. I attempted to take the items I would need for a rapid escape from a potentially hostile populated area to the country-side (where I live). With that in mind I took all of the items I would normally carry for a shift and picked out what I would take if I was only allowed to keep a pocket full of items to get by on.

The kit when finished ended up looking like this:

Yes, it  will it my pocket (I tried my BDU shirt and my dress uniform shirt and it would fit in both with minimal overhang), see below:

I used a plastic container bound to my EDC pistol with soft holster encased in my bandana sealed with three lengths of 4' cord (P.S. Thank You ARK for the great structural collapse training and bandanna). Possible uses for exterior equipment: (bandanna- water filter, first-aid, sun protection, signal, trail marker, fishing net; Cord- endless possible uses). See below:

The red case is secured with three sections of heavy duty medical tape (the duct tape of an ambulance, this tape could be reused for medical reasons or in a wide variety of survival scenarios) and it looks like the picture below once opened.

The red case includes the following items:
1) Letherman Micra (scissors, tweesers, flat head screw driver, bottle opener, Phillips screw driver, knife, nail file, cuticle tool, large flat head screw driver, and ruler)
2) Small 1 LED light
3) Large Bic lighter
4) Fishing kit (2 sinkers, 30’ of fishing line, 16 fishing hooks)
5) Wire/snare/wire saw
6) 800 mg Ibuprofen
7) First Aid Burn Cream
8) Insect Sting Relief Swab
9) Poison Ivy Scrub
10) Infectiguard Hand Sanitizer
11)Triple Antibiotic Ointment
12) Diphenhydramine 25 mg (Antihistamine)
13) Two standard band-aid’s
14) Dot band-aid
15) SPF-15 Sunscreen
16) Book of all weather matches
17) Tender-qick x4
18) Ear plugs
19) 4’ of Aluminum Foil
20) Two water purification tablets (renders 2liters of water safe)
21) Sewing Kit (two large buttons, two small buttons, three large safety pins, two small safety pins, two large needles, one small needle, 50’ each of grey/white/black/blue/brown/pink thread)

The next part of the survival kit is my EDC Weapon (one of them) in its soft holster with a few additions to round out the kit. Note from AW: It is generally a bad idea to put anything other than a firearm into a holster, for a variety of reasons - I would not recommend it!

This part of the kit includes the following items:
1) Jimenez Arms Inc. JA-22
2) Thirteen rounds of 22 LR mini-mags
3) One spare magazine
4) Expandable pocket baton
5) 511 tactical knife
6) Two zip ties
7) Two 2x2 gauze pads
8) Two medical gloves
9) Package of Toilet Paper

The overall kits when all taken apart looks like this:

Once again this is not a complete everyday carry for me by a long shot, but my attempt at surviving an escape from a potentially hostile populated area (work location) to my more rural home.  I didn’t go out and purchase anything new for the contest, everything was literally taken out of my pockets at work thrown down on my desk in the bunkroom and assembled into this EDC urban escape kit (the last few hours of the 24 hour shift were a bit slower than the first few).

Thank you for considering my submission to your contest!