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Pocket Survival Kit Contest Entry #30

This kit is intended as an emergency 72 hour survival kit. It's made up mostly of first aid items and mental comfort because i feel that in the first 72 hours of any survival situation you need to keep yourself in the best condition possible so that you can use your most important survival tool. Your brain. It's geared to give you the essentials needed to keep yourself alive until help comes or until you can find your way to civilization. A lighter for warmth and light. The sewing kit needles and floss will allow you to stitch up any serious cuts that the butterfly stitches can't handle.  The sugar can help treat small cuts as well as the iodine and neosporin. It can also give an energy and moral boost if needed. The iodine can also treat water. If your lighter runs out of fluid then the vasoline soaked lint will easily take a spark from the flint in the lighter. The earplugs will keep things out of your ears if need be and can help you rest in a loud environment. The pencil can leave a note for rescuers trying to find you or for drawing maps, and the money can help you in any number of ways.  I chose to polish the bottom of the altoid tin because it saved me space for other things in the tin and it a larger functional mirror than what i could have fit in otherwise. The rest of the items have multiple or obvious uses in a survival situation. I chose not to put a blade in this kit because i always carry one on my person and it would have been unnecessary.
I hope you get some ideas from my pocket carry kit. 

Pocket Survival Kit Contents:
2 medium zip ties
4 twist ties
3 safety pins
1 bobby pin
2 eyed needles
1 sewing kit
2 buttons
1 set of earplugs
2 iodine swabs
1 bee sting swab
1 mini bic lighter wrapped in 2 feet of electrical tape
2 sterile gauze pads
1 spf 30 sunscreen packet
1 alcohol swab
1 moist towlette
1 neosporin packet
2 butterfly stitches
1 pack of sugar
1 small bag of medication(2 immodium, 2 aspirin)
1 small bag of dryer lint soaked in vasoline for fire starter (next to lighter)
1 pencil
10 toothpicks wrapped in 3 yards of dental floss.
1 100 dollar bill
12 small rubber bands (blue ones wrapped around objects)
2 large rubber bands wrapped around tin
1 polished tin bottom used for signaling mirror