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Pocket Survival Kit Contest Entry #29

We're closed for new entries, ladies and gentlemen! A big thanks goes out to all those have entered. There are still a bunch of great PSKs waiting in the wings for posting.

My kit is stored inside of an S3 T1000 waterproof case.  It fits in my dress shirt pocket, as well as, my back pocket.  When I say my kit is stored inside of this case, I mean my Altoid Kit is stored inside of this case. This kit is made for everyday use with occasional hiking trips. I considered the Pelican Micro 1010, but it isn't quite as good as this case because it is more water proof and less bulky. This case is actually an old mold from OtterBox that is slightly smaller in a way that makes it more comfortable to carry how I do. (I work in a store that specializes in protective cases like Pelican, SKB, Seahorse, S3, etc. )

On the bottom side is a chain store rewards card wrapped with duct tape, duct taped to the case with a separate piece. There is also another piece on the bottom to extend the stick of the top piece. The duct tape also serves as a buffer between the case and my body. Attached where a lanyard used to be, is a 170 lb spring link, I hook this to my belt loop, but it's intention is hanging things in trees.
The contents here are shown in packing order.

On the first level, the striker goes rough side facing the lower wall of the tin, then a waterproof match wrapped with thread, magnesium bar w/ striker (the mag faces the multitool, so no sparks), small Gerber multitool w/ plier (the twin with scissors I pocket carry for use at work), Streamlight Nano.

A second smaller chain store rewards card wrapped in duct tape goes on top of the magnesium.

Then a baggy with 10 waterproof matches, 4 Tinder-quik from SOL and a match striker in it lays on top of the multitool. The bag on the left has a 4g bag of sugar and some small salt packs.

The top bag goes on top of the duct tape roll and holds any pills I feel I might need, currently 2 Pepto and 2 Bayer lower back & body(aspirin w/ caffeine).

The Altoids tin has duct tape over where the hinge was and I smoothed out the hinge pieces. Partially for a better fit and partially cause tape i can replace with cordage if I keep it out of the S3.

The S3 had foam lining, but I took it out and put a Vans shoelace bag in the lid. The S3 was chosen because I can keep tinder dry, or money or anything important except my phone which is waterproof.

There is no cordage in this lot because I wear a belt made of ~100 ft of paracord. Everything in this kit represents the things I would normally carry in my pockets in case something I would normally carry is lost or broken or left at home.

PS: I got the baggies from a local tattoo & piercing place. Good for small item organization.