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Blog Updates

You'll notice a few little updates to T-Blog over the past couple days. In an effort to make blog content more accessible, we've added a "you might also like" gadget to posts and a better navigation to the overall site. I'm not done tinkering yet, so don't be surprised by any changes over the next little bit.

Thanks to all for your continued support and readership! We've got more PSK contests coming up and lots of other fun/interesting stuff in the pipeline. Stay tuned!


  1. Way better and a lot easier to jump around. Not to mention that it also reminds you of other topics, articles, reviews on the site that may not be "front page" Keep up the good work.



    I hope this is right place for this as I felt it was worthy of posting. Apologies if it is not. A national main stream media outlet ran this story on a man who is accused of committing double homicide, killing his wife and 19 year old daughter. Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/26/seattle-survivalist-on-run-after-being-charged-with-murdering-family/#ixzz1tBnJZru4

    The article is titled, “Seattle survivalist on the run after being charged with murdering family”. Survivalist, not an avid outdoorsman, as described by his family and friends, or naturalist or wilderness enthusiast, etc. that would be to average and boring. Instead he is labeled a survivalist. The article then goes on to say:

    “Court documents also show that his daughter, 19-year-old Kaylene, had told her boyfriend that Keller was preparing for doomsday and had created a stockpile of supplies in the woods.

    At a news conference on Wednesday, King County Sheriff Steve Strachan told the press that Keller could be hiding in numerous places around the country and nearby Cascade Mountains and that the public should keep a lookout for his faded red Toyota pickup truck. "We believe he used that truck habitually and regularly to go out on these long hikes, where he may have been setting up some sort of a fort or something in the woods," Strachan said. “

    Some kind of fort?!?!?! Are they chasing a 12 year old? And use of the term survivalist because he drove his truck into the forest a whole lot of times? Could it be that he was neither a prepper nor survivalist but just an evil person who premeditated a double murder and stored supplies at a prepositioned “safe place” to hold up in? To be clear, I am not defending this..this…moron (blog rules prohibit me from using the true words that come to mind) in any way, shape or form. He is human waste and he should be hunted down, dragged back to civilization and made to pay for his crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

    What so nauseates me about this article is how they paint him as some sort of prepper who has been dutifully making preparations and stockpiling supplies for an end of the world/SHTF situation. But now he is using his TEOTWAWKI stockpile to assist in the commission of a crime and aid and abet him in his escape instead of simply calling it what is most likely is, a guy who pre-planned a double homicide and pre-planned the funding, supplies, “safe location” and escape route to allow him to flee prosecution.

    Preppers seem to be taking it on the chin these days. From National Geopgraphic’s “Doomsday Preppers”, which is billed as being part of the American Outliers series, last time I checked lots of “outliers” are normal everyday people, to every crazy who commits a crime being labeled a prepper or survivalist. I am sure it is only a matter of time until the media tells us that George Zimmerman had a 12 pack “stash” of water bottles under his bed.

    It seems like anyone who makes any effort to take charge of their lives, safety and welfare and prepare for what history has taught us will eventually happen in some part of the world and in some magnitude, and form, is painted as anti-government lunatic, criminal or a person with nefarious intentions. It is amazing how the actions of many responsible, law-abiding, everyday people are so demonized. And the worst part is, we are doing nothing different than what our forefathers had to do for themselves less than 100 years ago.

    In the end, many of us are nothing more than informal first responders in waiting who will likely be there with supplies and assistance for our neighbors, friends and family long before any local, state or federal aid arrives.