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Pocket Survival Kit Contest Entry #21

I chose to go with an Altoids Smalls tin because I wanted to create a very small kit, to be slipped in a pocket anywhere, maybe even during dress shirt occasions, where a large lump in one's pocket would be too obvious. It's very light, and can be carried on one's person at all times- a possible restriction with a larger tin. In a t-shirt and jeans, there's very little space, especially when one's wallet, cell phone, and other EDC items already take up so much pocket estate.

This is not intended to be a full survival kit, due to the restrictions of the Altoids Smalls tin. Instead, it is meant as a kit that will be able to assist you in surviving up to three days, while you move to secure your other provisions. I decided to focus on what a human needs to survive- water, food, and shelter. Since humans can survive for quite awhile without food, and because the kit was so small, I decided to disregard food- that's in my other bags. So this kit boils down to water and shelter. The ziploc bag is one liter, in order to measure out the amount of water for the water purifiers, which hold enough to purify 8 liters of water. There's also a 2" piece of a hacksaw and a exacto blade. These are for shelter and other uses, to cut wood for a shelter, slice open packages, string, and whatever else may be necessary. Also, there's a Preon 0 flashlight, which I chose because it uses more common batteries- AAA and is very small, to allow someone to move at night, under greater cover. The ferro rod is for a fire while you're on the run. There's 15 feet of handwoven yoyo string, which has plastic threaded within it, making it very strong and small. Some duct tape, since it's amazingly useful for almost everything. Two ranger bands made from bicycle inner tubes hold everything together, and can be used to keep things together. This kit may be tiny, which leaves out some other resources, but I believe the smaller kits are more fitting for daily carrying as a form of Pocket Survival. Also, it contains the core essentials that will allow a person to make it to their larger stores.

Duct Tape(5ft)
Yoyo String(15ft)
Ranger Band(2)
Preon 0(1)
Saw blade(2")
Exacto Blade
Water Purifier Tablets(16)
Zip Loc Bag(1 qt)
Ferro Rod(1)
Altoids Smalls Tin