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Pocket Survival Kit Entry #22

The Urban Guerrilla Sniper Pocket Survival Kit (or UGS-PSK)

Every kit needs a purpose--there is no such thing as an "all purpose survival kit."  Most of the kits thus far seem to have been geared towards a short term wilderness survival scenario.  I decided to go a different direction.  This kit would be my survival kit in a guerrilla sniper scenario, specifically one based in an urban setting.

This kit, in tandem with the appropriate firearm(s), ammo, and "gun gear" would be the primary tool kit for an urban guerrilla sniper.  The intended setting would be an urban warzone--an occupied or contested city (not necessarily in the US).  This would be a true TEOTWAWKI situation--one the world has seen numerous times in recent history.  This scenario WILL continue to be repeated throughout the world for the long foreseeable future.

The city is ripe with abandoned buildings, salvageable goods, and enemy targets--all attractive to a well motivated resistance soldier.  The guerrilla sniper's life is now devoted to finding high valued targets, waiting, executing attacks, and escaping with his life to strike another day.  Key to survival is the ability to find and secure shelter, stay hidden, and scavenge resources.   My kit attempts to target these goals and survival priorities.

Kit Items:
Alarm-Probably the most unusual kit item I have is a simple electronic door alarm.  This can be attached to any door or window, turned on, and poof--you have yourself a security system.  In a warzone environment threats to your life constantly surround you.  Sleep, rest, and peace of mind will quickly become some of the mot prized survival resources.  This alarm might not seem a crucial piece of gear but to the guerrilla sniper  it could mean the difference between life and death.  The guerrilla will spend the majority of his time laying low in buildings and apartments he's broken into.  Sometimes he might need to wait hours or even days waiting for his opportunity to strike a high value target.  This alarm will be available to provide security and peace of mind when the sniper chooses to utilize it.

-Stainless Steel Case: this is a little bigger than a standard Altoids tin (still fits in a shirt pocket).  Its made in Japan--I picked it up on a trip to Asia--so you know its quality steel.  I chose a metal container because it means you can potentially boil water (albeit a little a time), make charcloth, cook or boil food, etc.  Also--the lid could be as a mini frying pan.
-Plastic Bag: holds one quart; can be used for gathering water or "urban edibles"; can disinfect water with bleach or other scavenged chemicals; can also be used for to disinfect water via SODIS (solar disinfection).

-Spyderco Cricket: strapped to the outside of the kit is this beautiful piece of VG-10 steel.  Sharp as a razor, this knife is ideal for all kinds of fine cutting tasks.  Obviously its mostly useless for large chopping--nearly any pocket kit knife would be.  But while these tasks are important to wilderness survival, processing large amounts of wood is unlikely in an urban  situation--any firewood will come from scavenging things like fence posts, wooden pallets, or furniture.
-Feather Brand Razor Blades (5 pack): These shaving blades are made in Japan by a company that also makes surgical scalpels.  They are extremely sharp.  These are double sided blades so really there are 10 blades in all.  These would be used in order to save the Spyderco blade for more meaty tasks.  Certainly sharp enough for things like improvised surgery or skinning small game.
-Heavy Needle: useful for repairs (in conjunction with broken down bankline); can be used for first aid; also can be magnetized with alarm magnet and used as a backup compass.

-Zip Ties: lots of uses--help lock down locations; a broken zip tie can warn that a location has been compromised
-Nite Ize Gear Ties: very handy piece of kit
-Bankline: animal traps (squirrels, birds, rats, raccoons etc.), booby traps, sewing, other cordage needs
-Bandanna (cut-in-half): tons of uses
-Gorilla Tape: great for just about anything--fire, first aid, repairs, etc.
-Super Glue: first aid, repairs etc.

 - Wet Fire Cube: having a large fire might reveal the sniper's location--this could ensure at least one relatively covert fire
- Ferro Rod: back up for lighter
- Lighter: with electricity could be spotty or non existent fire will be a vital tool

-Streamlight Nano Light: very bright in a very tiny package
-Button Compass: just as important in an urban environment as in the wilderness.  An urban guerrilla sniper needs to know his way around the city in order to be able to "hit and run" quickly and effectively

Entry Tools
-Mini Prybar: the Spyderco could be used for prying, but this prybar will save the knife for other tasks.
-Blank Credit Card: for carding doors

Other Tools
 -Flash Card: this thing is loaded with survival books, field manuals, medical guides etc.  Also has a number of portable apps including military grade encryption software.  If computers and electricity are available this small flash card would serve as a massive library of information (its unlikely the internet or other large scale networks would stay intact).  This tiny card would permit orders, plans, and intel  to be stored, transported, and delivered--encrypted in case the flash card falls into the wrong hands.
-Tweezers: obviously can be used for first aid or fine tasks.  Also can be used to hold the stainless steel case if its hot from cooking over a fire.
-Whistle: could be used to signal friendlies or call for help
-Awl/Bottle-Opener: this and the can opener come off an old SOG multi-tool I have.  This heavy duty awl is great for repairs or tasks that require any sort of puncturing.
-Can-Opener/Screw-Driver: much of the guerrilla sniper's food will likely come from scavenged canned food


Interested in entering the Pocket Survival Kit contest? Check out the details.
First prize will receive a neo-tribal forged survival kit from Randy Church, an AR-15 Essential Parts Kit and Car Rescue Tool from Choate Machine & Tool, $50 in credit from Shelf Reliance consultant Jade Garn, a bundle of survival gear from OscarDelta & SnakeDr666, a copy of the Doom & Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook, and a $25 certificate from Paladin Press.  
Second prize will receive an AR-15 Essential Parts Kit and Car Rescue Tool from Choate, a bundle of survival gear from OscarDelta & SnakeDr666, as well as at least $30 worth of survival books & gear from TEOTWAWKI Blog.   

Third Prize will receive a Choate Car Rescue Tool and at least $20 worth of survival books & gear from TEOTWAWKI Blog.


  1. Great kit and I agree 100%. It does seem that the kit are mostly geared to short term wilderness survival. The ability to scavenge in an urban / suburban environment is rarely discussed. When it all goes bad or just my situation goes bad it will most likely to be in an urban environment. As such I would suggest a set of lock picks (Bogota entry set) to round out the kit. Maybe some type of small multi-tool to fashion items out of stuff you find. Great job and an even better point to make!

  2. I like the door alarm!

  3. This is my entry. I 100% agree on the Bogota entry set--I was actually going to mention that as the one thing this kit needs the most. I would have thrown one in there but alas I don't own any lock picks. :( Thanks for the comments!

  4. You got my vote. I like the door alarm. I keep 2 door alarms in my gear bag; they come in handy all the time.

  5. Now that's a cool kit ! Great pictures too.

    A lockpicking set I'll put in my kit : a (strong) bent paperclip and a small length of windscreen wiper steel. Though a multitool would be handy to hold the wiper piece, I may manage to put it to use.

  6. Thanks Edwood!

    Re: multi-tool. A good mini-multi tool would be nice but given the space limitations I had to forgo it. Really what does a small sized multitool have that would be useful in such a situation--the pliers, the crappy screwdriver, and maybe the knife? I have blades pretty well covered, I have a little screwdriver in there, and for pliers I have the tweezers--might not seem like much but 90% of what I'd use pliers for would be accomplished by standard crappy tweezers. Still if I had more space I'd probably pack one in there! My one regret remains the lack of lock picks. Thanks for all the comments!

  7. TheButterflyEffectApril 27, 2012

    Wow, this is a really awesome kit! First of all, I love the pictures themselves with the "end-of-the-world" sort of effect to them. Looking at other kits, I noticed lots of first aid items ( band-aids, anti-bacteria ointment etc...). With this one, I looked for those too but didn't see the "typical". This poster is very creative with what he can use, these items all have multiple purposes: duct tape for bandaging, needles, blades and lighter for burning, disinfecting wounds etc... I liked that!
    And to top that, a door alarm too? Who would have thought? This kit gets my vote too!!!

  8. AnonymousJune 03, 2012

    Man, great kit I took the idea of the door alarm and put it into my kit, keep up the good work...