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The Walking Dead Season Finale Open Thread

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This is it! The season closer...a horde of zombies descending on Hershel's farm. Who is going to become zombie food, and who is going to make it out alive? Are we going to see more of Randall's group? Can the group make it without Shane? These questions and more in what's certain to be an action-packed season finale.

While many have complained about the slow pace of season 2, it's also given us time to get to know the characters and get attached to them--ok, maybe not T-Dog or Maggie's siblings, but everybody else. When something happens to one of those characters, it's big. The Walking Dead has become my favorite bit of zombie-ness and has really transcended much of the genre to become truly great TV, which is a rare thing these days.

Here is your place to discuss the episode--plot developments, scenes, characters, things you noticed and things you would have done differently. Be civil, have fun!