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What's Next on the Walking Dead

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After an explosive season finale, we're left without The Walking Dead until the fall. However, we do know some of what Season 3 will look like. Here's what we can expect when The Walking Dead returns in October.

Note: There are some potential spoilers here, though they're guesses at this point.

Image courtesy AMCtv.com
The katana wielding stranger who saved Andrea was none other than Michonne, a fan favorite from the Walking Dead comic. Michonne will join up with the group and serve as one of the key defenders. According to AMC, actress Danai Gurira has been cast in the role.

In the comics, Michonne is tough, generally quiet and works alone. She was an athlete before the zombies. She lost her entire family when the zombies rose and wandered for months before finding the survivors.

After her arrival, we may see Michonne develop a relationship with T-Dog; probably a safe bet.  Producers have talked about T-Dog having a more active role in the show, and that would be a surefire way to do it!

The Prison
The episode closed with a shot of the prison in the distance--that's the group's next destination. There will probably be a few prisoners inside, but once the group gets that sorted out, the prison becomes their fortified home, with walls strong enough to keep out the zombie hordes.

The Governor
Image from IMDB
Randall's group is most likely led by the psychopathic Governor, who will be played by British actor David Morrissey. Comic creator, executive producer and show writer Robert Kirkman described the Governor in a recent interview with the Daily News:

"The Governor is a very nuanced character, on one hand, he is a violent madman, on the other hand he is a silver tongued devil who is wooing you or and lulling you into a false sense of security and then cuts your head off, so we really wanted somebody who had tremendous range."

Rick's group will continue to have run-ins with the Governor's people, and some of the survivors will be captured and brought to the Governor for torture and interrogation.

More Guns
The group's lack of military-grade hardware has been a recurring complaint throughout the show. We can expect their weapons situation to improve in the next season, from both the prison armory (armor, shotguns) and a visit to a local National Guard post (M4s, grenades). I wouldn't expect Rick to give up his Colt Python anytime soon, though. 

The Return of Merle
Kirkman has said that it "seems likely" that Merle (Daryl's brother) could reappear in season 3--probably as one of the Governor's men.

Marriage of Glenn and Maggie
I don't think Hershel will tolerate an unmarried Glenn and Maggie for too long, so expect him to officiate a marriage between the two after they get settled into the prison.

16 Episodes
AMC has upped their purchase from the 13 of Season 2 to 16 for Season 3. I would guess that AMC will split the show into two halves again--they're still 8 episodes short of a "full" season.

What do you think?
Those are my ideas, based on what we've seen on the show, what AMC and the producers have released and what happened in the comics. Let us know what you think we'll see in Season 3!


  1. Can't Wait!!!!! At least with Mad Men starting and Breaking Bad Amc will have some good stuff to fill the gaps. Now I just wish my stupid cable company would get AMC on the HD channels. It really sucks having to watch the zombie special effects in regular mode.

  2. Cool - thanks for the future update, sounds like an interesting change of events. I was wondering if that reference by T-Dog East to head for sea shore would occur or not.

  3. She is hot :D

    I was WTF when I saw Michonne and her 2 Zombies at the end of the last episode, hopefully it will be a great addition.

    The only reason that she should be T-Dog interest is because they are both black, I bet the producers will instead have her being Daryll love-interest, so we can have the Merle getting made at his little brother for not being racist.

    Plus a Daryll-Michonne couple would be even more lethal than the Andrea-Shane couple, screw T-Dog, He can die single like Dale for all I care :D

    - Pambas

  4. What's the story with the helicopter that flew over and started the zombie horde that went to the farm? Does anyone know what the back story was on that? Or did I get that wrong?

    1. Rick has seen the same helicopter in Atlanta it seems, I can't say more because it would spoil the Governor arc.

  5. Thanks Mr wolf, those are logical conclusions for season 3, I am calm now. On the down side, for me anyways, I may be bugging out in April for Afghanistan again I may have a gig at the embassy there, so I will probably only get my updates through this site.

    As for Pat and the helicopter scene I took it as nothing more than it flying over Atlanta and the zombies just followed it, ending up at the farm.

    P.S. The BIG flaw in my TEOTWAWKI plan is I make a living over seas, but my family will be able to take care of themselves.

    Ray Ray

  6. I don't have cable and wondered if anyone knew how to watch recent episodes online?

  7. Graboids....awesome!!!!

  8. GodfatherJsApril 28, 2012

    Great show,cant wait for the new season. I agree the weapons are a bit weak. I was under the assumption that the govenor would be in the prison and that they would some how have there run in there. As for the lack of Ar's andmilitary type weapons I agree there should have been alot more. If i remember correctly in season one rick passed by tons of military equipment in the hospital (given he was in shock) and i believe there was a little bit of equipment that could have been salvaged from that tank in Alanta.