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Review: The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook

Based off our recent open thread about skills development, many you are focusing on increasing your medical skills. If that's you, then this book is right up your alley. Blog friends Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy of DoomandBloom.Net recently came out with what is the most comprehensive guide to post-collapse medical concerns that I've ever seen, The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook.

The Handbook is the best effort that I've seen on the subject, covering a huge breadth of issues including stocking medical supplies (including antibiotics and natural remedies), hygiene issues, infections, treating a variety of injuries (includes a primer on suturing, treating fractures), coping with chronic medical conditions, and a variety of other topics like child birth, treating hypo or hyperthermia and more.

I would not go into this book expecting to become a true expert on any one topic--that will take additional study, training and practice. But, with the knowledge contained in this book and some supplies, you will have an excellent foundation for responding to a wide variety of potential post-collapse medical problems.

What's more is that the Doom and Bloom handbook is written by actual medical professionals! Dr. Bones is an actual M.D. with 25 years experience and Nurse Amy is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. They're avid preppers and exceptionally friendly, outgoing and eager to help the survival/preparedness community.

The handbook is a little bit pricey--$34.99 for a paperback book--but it is also in limited production, probably actually print-on-demand. Costs are a lot higher on this level of production versus say a big 100,000 book print run. It's a hefty 440 pages of info and well worth the asking price, in my opinion. A welcome addition to your survival bookshelf! 

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Update: Dr. Bones sent over a discount code, just for you guys! It's good for $5 off the cover price. The info:

Purchasers can go to www.createspace.com/3697264 and plug in the code:  XNEN7538
to get the book at the discount price.  This code will be good
until April 6th, and is nowhere else at present.