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Open Thread: What skills are you working on?

We all know and talk about the importance of skill versus gear.

I've always got a couple different irons in the fire, but the area I'm focused on most right now is developing my physical abilities--getting in better shape. I have been using Rushfit as a starting point - it's a full body workout with functional/fight-ready fitness in mind. Mostly body weight exercises and some dumbells. The DVDs are a good way of pushing yourself, and it's refreshing to see a world class athlete like Georges St. Pierre struggling through the same workouts. Getting through one of these workouts is exhausting but very rewarding. The full set has DVDs with a variety of workouts--core strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, power & explosiveness and so on. I've enjoyed it so far.

More conventional skills-wise, I'm working on brushing up on some medical stuff--looking at taking some kind of wilderness first aid/first responder class within the next couple months. Doing reading, research too. May pick up a pig leg for some suturing practice.

I'm also doing some experimenting with meat preservation--aka jerky making :-). Initial results are quite good. Planning on working up another batch tomorrow.

What skills are you working on developing?