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Many of you have probably browsed Selco's work over at the SHTF School. Selco is a survivor of a real-deal SHTF situation--he survived for a year of the Balkan Wars, where his city was surrounded, under bombardment and had descended into anarchy and gang warfare. While Selco's particular situation may vary from what many of us are planning for, his experiences are very valuable for shedding light on the realities of an urban survival scenario. In short, it ain't pretty.

Recently, SHTF School has opened up an online course, which can be accessed for a one-time subscription fee. The course has over eight hours of recorded interviews with Selco, as well as numerous blog-style posts, videos and preparations lists. All are based on Selco's experiences and his current plans, and there's a lot of good information and things to think about.

Really, most of us have not lived through the hell that Selco did, so it's very valuable to hear from someone who has "been there." If you're new to prepping, planning on surviving in an urban environment or just need a reality check, SHTF School will be especially appealing to you. Punches aren't pulled here--this was war, with those caught in the crossfire often resorting to any means to stay alive and stay sane.

One interesting thing is that Selco was not a prepper before the war--he did have some medical training, as that was his profession, but he had little in the way of preps, had never shot a gun before and so on. His family initially had just one firearm for protection--a WWII-era Luger and a handful of bullets.

Some topics of interest that Selco/SHTF School covers quite well:
  • The disinformation campaign from media and politicians prior to collapse
  • Urban survival in general--lots of great info and things to think about
  • Tools that were valuable
  • Formation of gangs post-collapse
  • Psychology, emotions and mindset of those who survived and those who did not
  • Bartering for survival
  • Skills that were important for survival
The interviews are not studio recorded, so the audio has a mild echo to it, there's the occasional background noise and so on. Both Selco and Jay are non-native English speakers--I have no problem understanding them, but I've lived/traveled quite a bit outside the U.S., so accents usually aren't a big problem for me. Your mileage may vary.

They're running special pricing right now that gets you in for $20, which is a pretty fair deal for what you get, IMO. I paid for it and have been happy so far. If you have some prep budget to dedicate towards reading/education, I'd take a good look at 'em. Certainly a unique perspective in the survival sphere.

Selco's blog is free, quite good and recommended reading. 

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  1. I'm pretty skeptical of most prepping/survivalist stuff, but I've been digging SHTF School.

    I know a couple of people that were in the Balkans while the war was going on and I've read a lot about it, (also grew up in a neighborhood full of Croatians) what he's saying seems to match up with what I've read and heard.

  2. I have been reading SHTF School for some time now. I found Selco posting on another site. This is his second time doing his own site. He was told to shut down his last one by bad people in power that were threatened by what he was saying or what they "thought" he was saying.

    I have enjoyed his blogs. His experiences have are invaluable and I am thankful that he has shared them. I do not subscribe to the courses. Without going into details, I can not afford the price tag. I feel Jay is trying to make money off Selco's story, whether the money be for Selco or Jay. Selco came onto to prepper sites/blogs to learn how to prep and now he is charging those same people that he came seeking knowledge from so he can show what he has done. He shared his experiences to help people and I feel like, as with so many other things, what once was a good thing became corrupted by greed of an outside profiteer.

    I will say again that I do reed his blog and find his past experiences invaluable. He talks about the ugly side of things that we, safe in our homes, either do not want to think about or just can't fathom

    1. A great thing about the free market is that we can choose where to spend our money. I never fault people for trying to make some cash off of the value that they provide--as long as there is real value. Running a website, creating content and so on is quite a bit of time and effort. If you enjoy what someone's doing, give 'em your support if able.

      I was honestly a little hesitant to pay the entry fee, but bit the bullet, mostly because I've enjoyed Selco's blogs and was interested in supporting what he's doing. It is just a one-time fee, and there's a money back guarantee.

  3. I actually had not heard of this website. It looks very well done and Selco is providing some excellent information! Thanks for sharing Alex!

  4. Nice find Alexander. I have to check out Selco's blog. I always enjoy hearing what those with survival "street cred" have to say. I heard about the Sarajevo Survival Guide some time ago and want to read it, but can't justify picking up a copy for the prices being asked these days.

  5. LOL have you not heard? He's a scam. Preparedness forums are pulling his accounts and posts as fast as they can!

  6. AnonymousJune 05, 2012

    What exactly makes him a scan? I am just curious.
    If it is just because he is charging a fee that is ridiculous.
    There is a huge amount of people charging for their experience or knowledge ie: Lawyers, Doctors, Psychologists, Economists, Investment Forums etc. etc. on and on.
    I would like to know what makes Selco a scam if anyone knows?

  7. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    There is lots of information out there for FREE.
    If you want Free get Free stuff and don't complain about the stuff that you must pay for.
    SurvivalBlog has lots of Free Stuff and excellent archive of information that can be Purchased on CD.For you Mormons there is AVOW,great stuff FREE and also stuff the you have to pay for. Glen Beck,Alex Jones.
    From what I read the Government has lots of FREE stuff for PEOPLE that want FREE stuff.