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Book Review - Tough Times Survival Guide Vol. 2

This book is a collection of snippets from other Paladin Press works. I picked it up on the positive Amazon reviews, and because of the supposed content it contained--a diversity of topics like medical, caching ammo, transportation and so on. I was hoping for a "Greatest Hits" type compilation, but unfortunately that's not the case.

Most of the articles are very short in length--3 to 4 pages in length--and, as a result, are unable to provide more than an overview of the subject at hand. Some are only one or two pages of basic advice--things like seek out Red Cross for CPR training or a few bullet points on materials for improvising medical gear (using socks for bandages!). Really not a ton of interesting or compelling content, overall. Really a let down.

The best articles come from good ol' Ragnar Benson--some reprinted material on survival poaching, makeshift gunsmithing and a few pages on survival medical kits, which I found the most useful in the book. However, these entries just left me wishing that I'd spent my money on a complete Ragnar book, instead of this compilation--for example, the medical kit article was adapted from Survival Nurse.

In this day and age, with the wealth of information available on the 'net, publishers have to provide real value to make the cover price worthwhile. Tough Times Survival Guide Vol. 2 fails here.

Can't recommend this one, but if you're a die hard Paladin fan, it's under $14 on Amazon.

If anyone wants to swap for another survival-type book, J-frame speed loader or a pair of old-style wood/medallion grips, let me know.