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Doomsday #Preppers - Season 2 Sneak Peek

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The concept of Doomsday Preppers is pretty cool - a "prepper" shows you what they've done to get ready for a particular disaster, and then an unnamed panel of survival experts evaluates their preps and makes recommendations. It's fairly well done and unbiased - there's no attempt to portray the preppers as crazies, though some of the preppers are certainly a little bit more, err, eccentric than others. The expert recommendations are usually pretty spot-on, too.

National Geographic reached out to me last week to see if I would be interested in an advanced screener copy of the first episode of Season 2. I guess we've hit the big time here at T-Blog! Hard to say no to a sneak peak - the DVD was at my door on Friday.

Overall, looks like Season 2 picks up where the previous left off - generally pretty good prepper TV. If you get NatGeo, tune in or set your DVR to record. While I'm not allowed to give detailed spoilers, I can you guys a sneak peak, right? The episode - entitled Bullets, Lots of Bullets - looks at:
  • Paul and Gloria, the Retiree Preppers
  • Christopher, the Street Survivor
  • Megan, the Young Urban Prepper
Paul and Gloria are among the best prepared that the show has profiled. It's worth tuning in just to check out their preps and plans. They live in a cool off-grid container home/castle, can or dehydrate 5 meals worth of food a day and have 20-plus person survival group that includes several tough looking, well armed Marines. Lots of cool stuff. Paul and Gloria are the first to be profiled, so make sure not to tune in late!

Christopher is interesting--a "bush hippy" who lives in the middle of Los Angeles. Lots of knowledge of wild edibles, but some clear holes in his plans...like trying to survive around L.A. post collapse. Not where I would want to be!

Megan is an interesting character - a self-professed "party girl," dramatic and a bit loopy. She gave the producers more than a few quotes to use in promos - the episode's title, for example, comes from her. My wife found her mildly offensive, but your mileage may vary. Certainly a change of pace from the more traditional prepper demographics.

For all three, the panel of "practical preppers" give good, solid advice. Heck, they recommended that one of the preppers needed to suck it up and buy some guns! It's a rare TV show that recommends people go out and purchase guns for protection post-collapse - thumbs up there. They do a "follow up" with the preppers a few weeks after the film, and the preppers have usually actually taken the expert advice into consideration and made some changes to their plans.

One complaint - the producers make each prepper pick one particular end of the world event that they're preparing for - from coronal mass ejections to economic collapse. While I think most of us have a top few problems that we're concerned about, I think we're more broadly focused in our preparations. Having such a singular focus makes the preppers seem a bit more out there/paranoid - like they're preparing ONLY for a polar shift, earthquake, solar flare, etc. - when that's really not the case. Minor nitpick.

Anyways, it's very interesting to see the plans and preps that other preppers have made - there's a really broad variance in level of preparation - some are very well prepared, and some think they're well prepared but have some obvious holes in their preps. Not good practice of operational security for even the best prepared, but hey, some people will trade discretion for some time on TV.

Overall, Doomsday Preppers is refreshingly pro-preparedness and worth checking out. This episode premieres on the National Geographic channel on Tuesday, February 7th at 9pm ET/PT.
In the meantime, there are video clips and profiles on the show's website - natgeotv.com/preppers.


  1. "One complaint - the producers make each prepper pick one particular end of the world event that they're preparing for"

    I guess I'm out, seeing how I don't think the world's going to come to an end. Heck, I don't even think the USA's going to come to an end, it's just going to get really messy and kinda suck for a lot of people. The more you prep the less messy and sucky it will be.

    I don't own a TV, but I'll see if I can check it out online.

    1. "Comes to an end" can be a relative sort of thing.

      Winding up homeless and on the street can be a world coming to an end regarding the life/world one had previously been living in.

      I don't think it necessarily has to mean literally coming to an end.

  2. I agree with Michael, I don't think the world will end, its just going to be a less user friendly environement than what we are used to. It will suck, so embrace the suck. there may be one thing that triggers whatever is going to happen, but it could be a combination of all the stuff that is going on in the world right now that add up to one big shtf scenario.
    Did they say when that episode would aire? I also do not have a TV, totally off grid, but would like to see the show, the first one was pretty cool, especially the guy with the swimming pool in arizona, that was some creative thinking. -feralgun

    1. It airs next Tuesday, February 7th. I'm sure it will be available for streaming online at some point in the future.

    2. The internet's the biggest grid you could be connected to ;-)

  3. Love this show. It helps me figure out where to go and who to target in case my supplies run low, are damaged, etc. Will definitely pick up some Tilapia while I am in Mesa, AZ.


    I have never understood why so many people are so desperate to get in front of a camera and tell the world what they have and how they are preparing.

    The other thing is that a few of the people in these shows are grossly overweight. Perfect examples are the fat guys with the Kevlar helmet driving a quad and the woman who says, “when the end of the world comes, I will be the only person who still has to lose 100lbs.” The statement meaning that she is so prepared she won’t be a skinny starving person.

    While I applaud the preparation and readiness, all of that is worthless if you are physically out of shape. In a crisis stress and change in “normal” lifestyle can put considerable amount of physical, mental and emotion pressure on someone, even if they are prepared. This added stress can bring about physical injuries or serve to trigger medical emergencies (e.g., heart attack, stroke, etc.) that were not pre-existing before. Preparation and readiness start, or at least go hand-in-hand, with physical and mental readiness.

    Of course, heart failure or stoke make it that much easier to “allocate” other’s resources and does save on bullets. So maybe the plus size peppers are a good thing.

    In the end, I applaud the effort and readiness but would caution them to stop going on TV (see The Twilight Zone episode, “Shelter”) and get in shape. Because no matter what SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, WTF situation may come, being overweight, out of shape and generally physically unprepared will never be a good thing.

    1. The pool farming guy was interesting - really appeared to have NOT considered that he lived in the middle of Mesa and would have thousands of horribly hungry neighbors post-collapse.

      I would obviously recommend AGAINST showing off preps on national TV. Can't really see where it would be an overall "win" situation.

      Agree with you on fitness level - it's one of the more obvious holes that many have in their preps. While the body can/will adapt to new situations given time, you need to be able to physically make it through that transition time without dying.

    2. And I was wondering just exactly what the pool farming guy had in mind long term regarding water.

      Good grief - he lives in freaking Mesa (Phoenix) Arizona.

      I know he planned to catch runoff water from his roof when it rains.

      Yeah. Anybody see the issue with that?

    3. Physical fitness is important, of course, but a survival mindset is the single most important aspect to coping after a disaster. Some people's skills, knowledge, and preparations are far more important than their weight. One of the adults in my prepper family is a nurse who also happens to be a disabled veteran, and that counts a lot more for survival after most disaster situations than the fact that she is less than in optimum physical condition.

      But I agree 100% with the OPSEC comments.

    4. I agree on all your points especially the OPSEC

  4. I don't get that channel so I'm hoping to watch online.
    For some of the previous responders, I have a question? How is it that the totally off-grid people still have internet? I've often wondered this. LOL

  5. Looks like TEOTWAWKI has made it to the big leagues! Interesting show--I haven't heard of it till now. And while I don't think the world is going to "END" the point its its The End Of The World As We Know It. (Hey thats the name of the site!) The world as we know it is a relatively safe, easy, and kind of boring place to live. When the world as we know it comes to a crashing halt things will change quickly. I was just watching Black Hawk Down and started thinking out awful a place like Somali must be to live in. Then I realized the HappyVille USA could easily get that bad some day. Imagine trying to survive surounded by warlords and endless, well-armed, starving mobs.

  6. I am not a blogger, but I just found the episode on my local cable. It even says it will not air until 2/7. The show runs for about 45 minutes. If you have turner cable or bright house check the entertainment on demand channel.

  7. Great show! Paul and Gloria have one major fatal flaw in their plan that I don't think was pointed out. In any earthquake, shelving units sway and things fall off of shelves, mainly all of their food will be destroyed. They need to brace their shelving, but more importantly, put large lips on all of their shelves so the glass jars don't shake off and break. Good luck! H

  8. Excellent show. Looking forward to see more. Picked up some new ideas. Seems like taking a little from each prepper works for me.

  9. I did not catch the show originally when it aired but watched it play tonight (Sunday). I found the show entertaining and agree that they should broaden their selection and incorporate preppers that prepare for multiple situations instead of just one.
    I also totally agree that one should not "show case" what they have, where they live, and what their plans are. If you want to do something like that then you should just put up a big sign that reads "I am a target and have a lot of things you need".
    I found the characters on the show comical for the most part in the statements they made and some of their plans, but to each their own, right.
    Overall I liked the show and the meaning behind it and will continue to watch it and hopefully they will show something I do not already know.

  10. I watched the 1st few "Doomsday Preppers" before NatGeoTv decided to make it into a larger weekley serier.
    However, I began my true "Prepper"ing after reading a book by Thomas Chittum called: CIVIL WAR II: The Coming Breakup of America, written in 1994. I've also read: EARTH SUMMIT Agenda 21 from the Rio Earth Summit in the 90's that almost was Ratified by Congress under Bush Sr., but that was STOPPED by some very vigilant people. Then, Clinton straight away signed an EXECUTIVE ORDER, bypassing the "ratification" of the Rio EARTH SUMMIT Agenda 21 (available online for free from the United Nations website), and re-named it "The Presidents Council on Sustainable Development" and it became an entire gigantic entity to implement AGENDA 21 and LA21 or Local Agenda 21. I've done some massive reading and research about this as well as many massive others have, on a hour by hour and day to day mission to spread and fight back against this Globalist Elitist Agenda under the umbrella of the UN. There will be another EARTH SUMMIT in Rio, May 2012 with guests like Obama's ex-Green Czar & a massive amount of oligarch/dictator/monarchy/as well as the US's current Administration. Last time in the 90's Bush Sr., met Prince Charles on his massive luxury yatch right in the water's outside the building where the wierdness was going under the watchful eye of Maurice Strong and his wife Hanna Strong (who beat the drumbs, literally).
    So, I know the WHY of the coming "Preppers". As far as "Doomsday", it's been going on for quite some time, but under a different NAME.
    On YouTube I started from the beginning @ a YTube called: 'Agenda 21 for Dummies'. Since I found WHY I was "Prepping" I have gotten so deep into the (as Dave Foreman of Earth First, Sierra Club, blah, blah, and his books like: 'The Re-Wilding of North America') to watch as NGO Environmental(s) use BUZZWORDS like: visioning, vision, collaboration, collaborative, sustainable, sustainable development, WILDLANDS CORRIDORS, WILDLIFE CORRIDORS, and other words like: Trained Facilitators to make all the piece by piece of their puzzle fill up into their 'Georgia Guidestone' worldwide population maximum level so the Globalist Elites can live in their dellusional UTOPIA they want for themselves.
    PS., I liquidated everything I had after my 'discovery' of the Global AGENDA, and moved to a remote area of the Pacific Northwest, and take serious action on "prepper"ing, as well as being active in fighting against the encrouchment of the AGENDA 21'ist promoters.
    There's other books out there like: Fernando "FERFAL" Aguierre's 'Surviving the Economic Collapse in Argentina'. This dude live through it, and wrote, edited and published his book himself.
    And, there's always: Lew Wesley Rawles: Surviving The End of The World As We Know It & Patriot...Endless info out there.
    Improvising when one cannot afford expensive devices are are also a real good idea. Like: If you cannot afford stipwire paramiter beeper clips, some good fish line and hooks strung where no friendly will get hurt will surley do a great job :/