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PVC Mora Sheath

Made this sheath from some PVC found on a hike. I cut the PVC a bit longer than was need, then sawed out a section to form into a belt loop. Heated over a gas BBQ - used foil to protect the grill and the PVC from each other. Flattened/shaped with some stone tiles that we had lying around - you could use some scrap wood, too. The belt loop is a little too short for use with a belt, but works well for a neck knife. Wrapped it in camouflage Gorilla tape for decorative purposes - I like it. The only tools used were my Leatherman and a hacksaw--the hacksaw's work could have all been done by the Leathman saw in a pinch.

I'm happy with how it turned out--good first try. The sheath holds the knife (the excellent Mora Bushcraft) securely--does well in the upside down shake test. The PVC was very easy to work with and forgiving of mistakes--if you screw something up, just heat again!

If you're interested, the knife and camo gorilla tape are available on Amazon. This YouTube video has great instructions for making a similar style of sheath.

I haven't been able to find thin-walled PVC in larger diameters for machete sheath making - the PVC that the hardware places near me carry is all thick Schedule 40 stuff, which is overkill for a sheath. Keeping an eye out and open to any recommendations for finding 3" thin walled stuff.


  1. Very nice job sir - thanks for the picture and posting of this project.

  2. Very nice. I've been wanting to try a couple pvc sheaths. As to the 3" thin wall, look for sewer and drain. It comes in 3 and 4".

  3. Electrical pvc is sched 80 and comes as large as 3" for sure.

  4. Nice little sheath Alex!

  5. Very, Very Nice Brother Wolf.
    You picked up a piece of trash and made something very useful and unique. Another option for a belt loop could be canvas or leather scrap put on with "Chicago" screws. As CoolChaange said, septic pipe is thin walled,Sched 10 I believe, doesn't have to hold pressure so not as thick. An inquiry to any local plumber may get you scraps from the back of his truck....


    Glad you put your hand to the skill. Good for you, sir.