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This is concerning...

From Rand Paul on the current National Defense Authorization Act, which apparently could allow the military/executive branch to lock up American citizens that they consider a threat or a terrorist, indefinitely and without due process. How someone would be classified as a terrorist would be entirely up to the government, which of course opens up huge concerns for potential abuse. Survivalists/preppers, what with our "extreme" fringe views, guns, ammo and food stockpiles could certainly fall under some future administration's definition of terrorist.

Scary stuff, but this kind of tyranny is what governments do best. Sorry guys, but I don't trust you that much. Obama is actually threatening to veto the bill, which would probably the best thing that he's done to date. This thing has the backing of the majority of Senate Republicans, which is disappointing but not entirely surprising--you can't trust any of 'em.

Via OffGridSurvival.com