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Don't Break the Law

The law-breaking fringe survivalist seems to be mostly absent from today's survival/preppers, but there's still that element out there. You know, the basement workshop, "got these parts at the gun show" kind of tinkerer putting together a suppressor, saw down a shotgun or piece together a full auto SMG. Heck, Rawles of Survivalblog has the characters in both of his books make up fake IDs and manufacture illegal firearms far before things go bad.

I'll be among the first to agree that today's federal gun laws are stupid. But they're laws none-the-less, and the consequences for breaking them are pretty harsh. Felony record, fines, time in prison...life devastating kind of stuff. Same goes for falsifying identification, making explosives without proper licensing and so on.

Yes, if you're smart about it, the chances of getting caught are very low. However, the consequences of getting caught with something far outweigh the potential benefits. And that's not to get into the question about moral obligation for abiding by the laws of the communities we live within.

If you want to get into things like suppressors, full auto and short barrels, you can do so legally. You just need to go through the BATF approval process. I haven't personally gone through the process of getting BATF approval and the needed tax stamps, but from all accounts it requires a clean record, patience as well as a bit of extra cash ($200 for most) to get it done. This is the way to go. It doesn't risk felony charges, fines and a lengthy stay to Club Don't-Drop-the-Soap. After receiving BATF approval, you can legally take possession of the firearm or suppressor.

There is certainly quite a bit of value in knowing how to modify/manufacture firearms of all kinds, and that kind of knowledge could be very valuable in a TEOTWAWKI situation. I would be very cautious in trying to use any of the knowledge in a less-than-legal way, but in there's no law against simply knowing how to do something (at least not yet). There are a number of good sources out there that are "for educational purposes only."

Anyways, don't be stupid. There's really zero point to risking ruining your life on manufacturing some illegal gun in your home workshop, especially when you can go through the proper channels and purchase it legally. If you're so inclined, knowing how to fabricate a silencer, modify a gun for full auto or build one from scratch could be valuable in a TEOTWAWKI scenario, but I would not do put that knowledge to build something illegal. It's just not worth it!