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December Photo Contest: Your TEOTWAWKI Blade

October's Zombie Weaponry photo contest was a lot of fun, but this one will be bigger and better. We're excited about this one and hope you guys will be too!

The Prize
The uber-talented Randy Church has generously offered up a custom, hand forged knife for the contest winner. Randy has a unique style--his blade look like they were pulled straight out of some future post-apocalyptic land. He works with found/scavenged/recycled materials--his blades are hand forged from old tools and truck springs, sheaths are made from animal skins and salvaged leather scraps. No electricity, purely off-grid, end of the world kind of stuff. The end result is a functional, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind tool made using traditional skill, resourcefulness and creativity.

In short, Randy's work is totally awesome. Check out his website for pictures of his past work. Here's one of my favorites.

Randy has promised to send some "work in progress" shots of the blade as he's building it, and he has been kind enough to give a little overview of what he has in mind. He's mentioned that he's building the kind of knife he'd want in the apocalypse--a bushcraft-style roach belly knife, plus a sheath with some attached storage for extras.

We're really excited for the contest! A huge thanks goes out to Randy for offering up the prize for this contest. Please spread the word about the contest and Randy's blades. Forums, blogs, Facebook amigos, Twitter feeds--let's get the word out!

Contest Rules/Details
Just like the last go around, the rules are pretty simple:

Take a picture of the one blade that you would choose to get through the end of the world. Yes, you've got to choose one! Folder, fixed blade, machete, 'hawk, hatchet or axe--what is the one blade that you would choose for the apocalypse?

Send your contest entries to teotwawki.blog@gmail.com; include the image and a short description of the blade and why it would be your one and only TEOTWAWKI blade.

If you can, please resize your images to be no greater the 600 pixels wide. We may resize your image for better display quality. And by submitting a photo to the contest, you agree to have it posted.

Randy and I will select a winner based on photo quality, style, cool factor, creativity and the description. A tip: get outside; I can guarantee the winning photo won't have shag carpet or bed sheets in the background. Be creative! Have fun! And the dollar value of the knife pictured is irrelevant--a $13 Mora could win this!

The contest will run from December 1st through December 31st--I know you will have some time off this month, so take a picture and enter!!! Do it!